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3 perfect ways to soup up your motor

You want a souped-up motor that rages over motorways with the same ferocity as a lion that can reach nought to 60 in three seconds. You want to race along B roads and C roads, the landscape a blur on either side of you, scores of cars and pedestrians whizzing past you in a matter of moments. You crave the incandescent thrill of thrusting your gearstick into fifth and feeling the craving throb of the roaring engine.

But reality is a little more disappointing.

Your clapped-out banger spurts out more exhaust fumes than a Victorian chimney stack. The engine moans like a petulant child and your seats are about a comfortable as Chinese water torture. It’s less Top Gear and more no gears.

Fear not, you motoring lug-head. Any car can be a great car (or, at the very least, competent) with the right fine-tuning. If you want to turn your rotten banger into a speeding roadster, check these makeover tips.

Hold it together

Some people purchase an automobile adhesive as an afterthought, assuming that they all do essentially the same thing. But, unbeknownst to most DIY car repair enthusiasts, the wrong adhesive could have calamitous effects on your vehicle.

A poor tack will see your interiors falling apart with only the smallest of pressure applied. You’ll have seats tearing at the seams, and seams struggling to fit back together again.

That’s why we recommend a high-strength adhesive that’s specifically designed for use in your car. Whether it’s a Beamer or a Ferrari, we’d vie for a Tensor glue. These guys do the best in adhesives across the board, offering everything from marine glue to joinery glue and much more. Pick up their vehicle adhesive and you’ll enjoy a great bond every time.

Check your belts

The engine is the ever-beating heart of your machine, and if it falters the rest of your machine will fail along with it. The belts, however, are more like the valves, circulating the power that the engine needs.

So, if it seems like your car’s a little worse for wear, the first port of call is your engine belts. Check them every 9000 miles to make sure they’re still in good stead.

Spit and polish

Car wax is seen as a pointless luxury by some, but it’s actually a perfect way to make even the crumbiest car look sleek.

Some judiciously applied turtle wax can even be a great deflector of bird droppings, making them easier to wipe off during your Sunday morning car clean.

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