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Can You Trust Forecourt Dealers?

In today’s day and age, motorists are very wary of forecourt car dealers. In fact, a report from the RAC showed that one-third of car owners would not use the same used car dealer that they obtained their vehicle from. So, how can you identify a trustworthy dealer so that you can drive away with a reliable vehicle at a fair price?


Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to research all types of business before making an investment and it is particularly helpful for identifying reliable forecourt dealers.

First, you should visit their website and spend some time looking round. The website should be modern, easy-to-navigate and contain plenty of information about their organisation and the vehicles that they currently have for sale. This should include professional looking photographs and possibly short videos for each car. The website should also contain previous customer testimonials – these are a great way to determine trustworthiness. The best dealers will be a part of some kind of “approved dealers” scheme that will be advertised on their website.

Social Media

Next, you should find the forecourt dealers social media channels. These should be kept up to date and used frequently. Most importantly, look through customer reviews to see what they have to say about the dealer.

Visit the Forecourt

If everything looks to be in order, take a trip down to the forecourt to look around. This ought to be a tidy, clean and professional looking space. The staff should be friendly, listen carefully and be happy to ask any questions. They must never attempt to force you into making a purchase.

History Check

If the dealer appears to be trustworthy and you have found a suitable car, it is essential that you carry out a history check through a company like HPI. These will reveal any secrets in regards to the vehicle’s history; this could include outstanding finance, insurance write-off, recorded as stolen, recorded as scrapped, the number of previous owners, number plate changes and other types of vehicle fraud. These checks obtain accurate data from the DVLA, police, finance houses, insurance companies and other industry bodies.

In addition to this check, you should also make sure that the vehicle history matches the V5C logbook and the information that the dealer provides.

It is understandable that motorists are cautious of forecourt dealers as everybody has heard stories of terrible experiences. There are reputable dealerships out there and the above steps will help you to identify them so that you can find a safe and reliable vehicle for a reasonable price.

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