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Eco Friendly Cars For Busy Businesses

A busy business needs to be mobile. Whether you are transporting goods or services to customers or travelling between important meetings, your vehicles are your lifeline. For so many businesses – from one-man bands right up to international corporations – having a car is an essential part of their operation.

Yet vehicles can be expensive and if there’s one thing a business needs as much as its ability to be mobile then it is the ability to be able to keep its cost down.

That’s why eco-friendly cars are becoming increasingly popular. The desire to go green is not just something to aspire to because it’s the right thing to do, it also now makes sound business sense.

Driven by the need to deliver efficiency – in an environmental and economic sense – manufacturers have delivered models that look after the planet and the pounds. That’s great for businesses as these models cost less to run and, for example, cost little or nothing to tax.

So, whether you are looking to buy a car for your busy business or are enticed by the prospect of leasing a vehicle for your firm, what models will be best?

Vauxhall Insignia

As Auto Express states: “If ever there was a motor manufacturer that produced cars with business users in mind, it’s Vauxhall. All of its mainstream models are offered in trims that cater for private or fleet needs, while the Insignia maintains a reputation established by cars such as the Cavalier and Vectra as the ‘repmobile’ of choice.”

The 2.0 CDTI 140 ecoFLEX model doesn’t just tick the ‘business car’ box though, it oozes class and boasts energy efficiency, with the sorts of emissions numbers that will put you in the ‘zero road tax’ bracket.

BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition

If you’re a BMW fan, then this is the business model you’ve been waiting for. None of its rivals come close to matching the style and quality it possesses at the energy efficiency it manages. It sports a 184bhp, 280lb ft engine inside a top class executive saloon, while managing emissions figures of 119g/km that would be expected in a supermini. The dashboard indicators will keep you on the economic straight and narrow and flicking on the fuel-saving mode will allow you to operate the car’s functions in a lower energy mode.

Lexus IS 300h

What Car put this model top of the tree when it comes to ‘real world’ mpg, performing at 59.6. It points out the low emissions of the Lexus IS 300h make it much cheaper to run than other diesel rivals, with emissions creeping below 100g/km in some cases. It’s a well-refined and reliable drive and certainly deserves to be on any company car shopping list.

Jaguar XE

The executive saloon market might be crowded, but there is certainly room for this stylish model. At 99g/km and 75 mpg it also boasts the green credentials that match the style too.

Next Green Car’s review states: “It's frugal, fun to drive, comfortable, stylish, well equipped, and practical, offering a car that appeals to the head as well as the heart.” High praise indeed.

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