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Five Essential Ways to Look After your Vehicle

As the owner of a vehicle you have a responsibility to make sure you take good care of it. Not only does a looked-after car mean you’ll get more out of it in terms of longevity and value, it’s also important in ensuring you and your passengers are safe when on the roads.

So if you’re wondering what you need to do in order to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained, here are five essential ways you can go about this:

#1 Check your Tyres

Firstly, you need to look at your tyres and check that these are:

  • Within the legal tread limits
  • That there isn’t any damage or corrosion to the tyre walls
  • These are properly inflated to the right pressure (as stipulated in your handbook)

If your tyres are below legal limits or are damaged, you should get these changed.

#2 Check your Fluids

Take a look under the bonnet and check your fluid reservoirs are all at the right levels and top these up if not. Equally, you should check for fuel contamination as this could be causing a great deal of damage to your engine – you can read more about this in this useful post from First Response.

#3 Regular Services

Along with the legal requirement to have an MOT, you should also get regular services to essentially give your car a tune-up and to replenish some of the abovementioned fluids.

#4 Check the bodywork

Another thing to check is the chassis and the bodywork of your car for any chips or damage. Over time these can let moisture in and lead to rust and corrosion on the panels of your vehicle, so it pays to look out for these now and either get them resprayed or buffed out. Plus, aesthetically a good paintjob looks much better.

#5 Drive Conscientiously

Our last piece of advice is to drive in a more conservative fashion to help protect your vehicle from overall wear and tear. While it’s tempting to put your foot down from time to time, high revs and heavy braking means your car has to work harder. What you should do is take it steady and you’ll soon find your car can get improved MPG and that its important components last longer.

By following these five relatively straightforward steps you can help protect your vehicle from general wear and tear and keep it safer and on the road for longer; so get started now and give your vehicle the health check it needs.

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