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How can seasonal selling affect your next car purchase?

Car dealerships are clever when it comes to seasonal selling, they know when to market that convertible, when to offer exclusive deals on extra grip tyres in the winter and when you should definitely upgrade to a people carrier – so with all this know how, it’s inevitable that these marketing ploys greatly affect the price of the vehicles on the forecourt throughout the year and so you need to be savvy to it too.

It makes sense that a convertible car would sell more in the spring time, when people are looking ahead to a potentially warm summer and the opportunity to drive to work with the top down and four wheel drives in the winter when snow and poor weather threatens those who need to get out on the road.

As the website notes, in March and September new car registration plates come out so if you are planning on buying new then it might be worth waiting for these to be released and grabbing the latest plate.

However, if you’re looking for a great deal you’ll actually discover used vehicles are significantly dropped in price to make room at the dealership so it’s a good time to pay them a visit – just be sure to avoid being sweet talked into buying a brand new car!

At certain times of the year, dealerships tot up what they’ve made and perhaps have a moment of panic if they haven’t quite met their targets - that’s when those crazy summer and Christmas sales come in during June and December (usually referred to as a ‘bonanza’) that try to encourage you part with your hard earned cash on a car for a slightly reduced price. Be sure to shop around at this time of year and take advantage of their need to sell - if you play your cards right you could grab an even better deal.

Buy a convertible in the winter! No one is looking for one and the dealership probably wants rid of the ones they have in stock as they try to sell popular seasonal cars such as 4X4s. It’s also a good idea to pay a visit to the showroom on a weekday, there’s a higher chance of it being quieter and if you pop in on a Friday you may grab a deal as the sales team attempt to hit their weekly target in time. Bank holidays have also been suggested as a great time to snap up a deal.

Plan ahead when it comes to purchasing your next car, timing is key and ensure you scope the market to find the best deal before driving off the forecourt with that dream vehicle.

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