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How Reliable Are Nissan Cars?

In 2016, Nissan made headlines as the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. As of December 2016, the Japanese car manufacturer sold more than 275,000 electric cars. Despite this, their non-electric cars are still very popular around the world which has helped to build their reputation for making affordable cars which drive well. In fact, if you’re looking for Nissan Dealers Essex has a lot to offer. But are Nissan cars reliable?

Nissan have been praised on several occasions for their consistency in making cars people can rely upon. In 2017, Nissan came 10th in the Telegraph’s “Most Reliable Cars” survey. They have also been indexed as above average for brand reliability by Reliability Index, at 9th out of 32. A study by Cheatsheet concluded that Nissan cars can reach 195,593 miles before hitting zero value, ranking them sixth out of all the brands surveyed. In total, more than 500,000 models were surveyed which reflects how well Nissan performed during the study.

Overall, studies have shown that Nissan are a highly reliable manufacturer and have performed consistently well in various surveys. But how do individual cars perform?

The Nissan Micra is one of the most popular cars produced by the manufacturer. It has a reliability index of 34, which means that it is a very reliable car. On average, it only costs approximately £250 to complete repair work on a Nissan Micra making the car an affordable choice. Drivers have publically expressed their satisfaction in AutoExpress magazine, ranking the Nissan Micra and how dependable it is as 4/5.

The case is similar with the Nissan Note, its reliability index is 33 and it has scored above average in every category in WhatCar?’s survey of repair costs.

Despite this, the Nissan Qashqai is a model that doesn’t score as well for reliability. It has been indexed at 70, and, with average repair costs being considerably more expensive at £350, it is a less affordable option. It could be problems with this model which led AutoExpress to rank Nissan as one of the most unreliable car brands of 2016.

In general, Nissan cars are known for their affordable prices. This means that they have less in-car technology than other expensive brands. Ultimately, this means there is less that can go wrong with the car and can make cars more reliable in comparison to other brands. They are also well-known for being manufacturers of sporty but economical cars- meaning you get a great value car for every day commuting or family life.

The general consensus appears to be that most people view Nissan cars as reliable and dependable every day cars, although, as with any product review, a few outlets disagree and some models may not perform as well as others. Consumer surveys are one of the best ways to find out more about a car manufacturer and how their models are performing because they ask the drivers of a specific model or make and these are the people who know the car best.

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