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How should I care for tyres that I have in storage?

Storing tyres - what you need to know

Storing tyres is something that you need to think carefully about as tyres stored in the incorrect manner can become unusable over time. On the other hand, if you store tyres correctly, they can still be fit for purpose years later. One thing you should never do is leave a vehicle standing on tyres for a long period of time, unused. To protect that set of Pirelli dragon sport tyres, you need to actually drive the car on a regular basis, or remove the tyres and place them in storage. If you leave tyres on an unused vehicle for more than one month they can be prone to damage and complete failure.

Preparing the tyres for storage

Before you place tyres in storage, it's a good idea to wash them using a tyre brush, soap and water. This gets rid of any dirt and debris that is on them and that may cause damage over time. It's important to ensure that the tyres are dried thoroughly after you have done this.

Each individual tyre should be placed in a plastic bag that is airtight. Each bag should be tightly sealed with tape, ready to be stored away.

Why tyres should be stored inside

Tyres should never be stored outdoors, even if they are placed under a covering. This is because the surface of the tyres dries out and starts to crack. All tyres should be stored inside and in an atmosphere which is cool and dry. They should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

Storing tyres - what to avoid

Tyres do not react well to any form of heat, so you should never store tyres close to any working hot pipes. They should also never be stored close to petrol, or any greasy substances, which may adversely affect the rubber of the tyres.

Storing tyres - how should they be placed?

The way tyres should be placed in storage depends on how long they are being stored for. If you are storing tyres for a short period of time, they can be stacked in piles that are no more than four feet in height. If you can, it's better to store tyres off the floor, on pallets.

If you know that tyres are going to be in storage for a longer period of time, there is a different method that should be employed. You should use a tyre rack to enable you to store the tyres vertically, and keep them at least four inches off the floor. This stops the shape of the tyre from changing. You should also ensure that the recommended pressure is maintained in the tyres.

If you do not store tyres carefully, they can fail suddenly once you start to use them again. This could be dangerous for you and anyone else who is in the vehicle with you at the time. Damaged tyres can also cost a lot of money to replace, so it's worth protecting the ones that you have.

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