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The Personal Benefits of Carpooling to Work

Even if you own a car which you absolutely love, driving it to work through heavy traffic, all on your own each morning can soon get tiring. Not to mention, driving to work on your own every morning can not only be costly when it comes to putting fuel in your car, it also means that you’re having a bigger impact than you may think when it comes to the environment. If you’re trying to be a responsible driver who causes minimum levels of pollution whilst saving yourself some money at the same time, it may be worth looking into the benefits of carpooling to work.

Saving Money

One of the main reasons as to why more and more people are choosing to use services such as Ridester to carpool to work is because it is cheaper. Usually, you will need to give some money to the driver in a carpool situation in order to cover their fuel costs, however, if you have a carpool arrangement with others in your workplace, you may be able to take turns in driving each morning to ensure that everybody is paying their fair share. However, driving into work once per week or paying your share of petrol money can be much cheaper than driving you own vehicle every day!

Help the Environment

By joining a carpool, you are doing your bit to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road and in doing so, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. When there are multiple people sharing a car rather than individuals all driving their own vehicles on the road, the amount of carbon emissions produced is reduced. Although it’ll take more than just one carpool to make any serious differences to the road, your small part can be more significant than you realise.


If you have a lot of friends in the workplace, a carpool provides you with a great option to socialise and catch up before work. This can then lead to you feeling happier throughout the work day as you’ve begun the day talking to your work friends, rather than sat behind the wheel alone in heavy traffic. If you’re not familiar with a lot of people at work, joining a company carpool can help you to get to know others at work. Having friends in the workplace is, for many employees, essential to workplace satisfaction.

Use Your Commute Time

If you’re not the driver in a carpool arrangement, this frees up your commute time to take care of other things. When you’re sat behind the wheel in traffic, your commute time is wasted - since driving demands the complete attention of the person who’s behind the wheel, you can’t use your commute time to do things such as check your emails, keep up to date with the news, or even have a rest to make sure that you’re fully refreshed before walking into work.

When it comes to commuting to work, everybody should definitely consider carpooling. It’s cheaper, more fun, and kinder to the environment.

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