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Two of the Best Cars for Drivers with Disabilities

disabled There is an increasing number of drivers with disabilities joining the roads each year. This is largely thanks to the development of a number of excellent adapted and/or wheelchair accessible vehicles. These superb automobiles are enabling those with a range of disabilities to drive with great confidence, comfort and independence.

There are a few fantastic automobiles to consider, but here are a couple of the best currently on the market for drivers with disabilities. If buying these used, you may want to check them at DriveArchive to see if there is any important information.

Peugeot Horizon

The superb Peugeot Horizon is the most popular wheelchair accessible vehicle in all of Europe and it is easy to see why. The lightweight ramp has a very low gradient, so it is very accessible to wheelchair users. In addition to this, the ramp is mechanically assisted so it is easy to use too. Inside the Horizon, it features a four-point wheelchair restraint system and three-point seat belts for complete safety. It is also very spacious and comfortable inside and there are a range of seating options to choose from - this makes it a wise choice for any motorist.

Another key selling point of the Peugeot Horizon is the fact that it has low purchase and operating costs. The Stop & Start engine returns up to 68.9mpg - this makes it one of the more efficient wheelchair accessible vehicles available. Drivers with disabilities can find the Peugeot Horizon from specialist suppliers, such as Allied Fleet.

Ford Freedom

The Ford Freedom is another wheelchair accessible vehicle that should be on any disabled motorist’s shortlist. This relatively new automobile is a great combination of style, comfort and accessibility, plus it also boasts great fuel economy of 61.4 mpg.

In terms of accessibility, the Freedom utilises a pull-out low-gradient ramp which can be easily folded away. The chair is then secured with front and rear restraints, plus lap and diagonal seatbelts provide optimum security - the vehicle is certified to meet the highest safety standards.

Unlike many other competing vehicles, the Freedom includes the original rear seating and folding rear passenger seats - this makes it a great choice for families. Despite the additional seating, the Freedom is very comfortable and this is furthered by the convenient features such as air-con, electric windows and overhead storage. It also features a host of driving features to make operating the car easier and more enjoyable.

Drivers with disabilities cannot go wrong with either of these excellent models. They are currently two of the most popular and revered wheelchair accessible vehicles available on the market and ones that combine comfort, practicality and safety.

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