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Why Intensive Driving Courses Are a Better Option for Newbie Drivers

We are well aware of the excitement associated with learning how to drive. As soon as we hit our teens, we start itching to take our parents’ car out for a ride into the city or to speed along the empty roads of the countryside. Though this may sound like fun, the truth is that it significantly heightens the risk of car accidents.

Just like these teenagers, there are also reckless adults who take out vehicles on the road without actually knowing how to drive or without formal training. Without such training, you are a hazard on wheels. This is why newbie drivers should consider intensive driving course to become better informed and more prepared.

Now you may be wondering why you should choose an intensive driving course and not a regular driving course. This type of course is slightly different from other courses. Here are a few reasons why intensive driving courses are a better option for new learners:

1. They are Shorter

Taking any kind of driving course helps a learner acquire the right skills and reduces the risk of accidents on the road. Intensive driving courses are perfect for those who just can’t wait to get behind the wheels. If you have an idea of how to drive a car, this course will help you understand how to drive safely. You will also learn the rules and regulations that are mandatory to be followed by anyone driving in the UK, as well as new laws that have come into effect. Taking a fast-paced course is better than taking a vehicle out on the roads without being sure of your skills and understanding.

2. They are Convenient

Saying that such intensive courses are just for impatient teenagers is wrong. These courses can help people who have a very busy lifestyle. We all have to juggle various responsibilities. The idea of a regular course which lasts for months isn’t very appealing to many and it can quickly become mundane.

This is where intensive driving courses save the day. Intensive courses offer all important driving lessons, tips and on the ground experience in a shorter period. This means that those with hectic schedules can easily learn how to drive without having to change their schedules drastically.

3. They are More Simple

The purpose of an intensive driving course is to help newbie drivers learn how to drive in a shorter time duration as compared to regular driving courses. This means that a lot of new information is being scheduled on a daily basis and the learners practice what they learn either the very same day or the next day. This reduces the chances of forgetting what they learned.

An intensive driving course can be called an extensive summary of a regular driving course. No lesson is missed and no rules and regulations are hedged by the instructors.

4. They are Cost-effective

Compared to regular driving courses, intensive driving courses are not just shorter they are also more cost-effective. An intensive driving course is a better option for newbie drivers because it will cost them less to learn how to drive without having to compromise on the quality of learning. Many people prefer taking a quick intensive course to see if they can overcome the fear of driving without spending a lot on a regular course. To put it into perspective, a 10 day intensive course costs around £1100 with Momentum Driving School. In comparison, students who opt for regular driving lessons can end up spending around £1300.

5. They are Flexible

When you are a part of a regular driving course, you are one in a bunch of people and you have to follow a specific schedule that is fixed by the instructor. Being a part of an intensive driving course enables you to choose a schedule you are comfortable with. Be it a school going newbie driver or busy parent who needs to pass ASAP, an intensive driving course is the perfect solution.

6. Efficient Use of Time

Intensive driving courses are all about saving up on time to deliver every important piece of information to the learner. So, there is no wastage of time. If you are on a short break or vacation and want to utilise the time, get enrolled in an intensive driving course.

7. Test Your Skills

Intensive driving courses can be taken by newbie drivers to test themselves. Many newbies think they are good enough when they actually aren’t. Similarly, there are newbies who have already taken driving classes, but they aren’t very confident about their skills. With an intensive driving course, you can see where you stand and further improve your skills before you start driving on your own.

There are a lot of emotions involved in the process of learning a new skill, most of them relating to confusion and a feeling of being incompetent. An intensive driving course is thus the perfect program to sign up for, as it will boost the morale of newbie drivers and help them believe that they are capable of driving on the UK roads.

9. Job Opportunities

Taking an intensive driving course might be the right step towards starting a career where you will be on the road rather than sitting behind a desk. Most people have jobs where they work from 9am to 5pm at a desk, but there’s always this opportunity that might come by where you might be asked to have a driving license as the job requires you to be mobile. Almost one in six jobs in the UK require you to have a driving license. Job offers often come with a little window and decisions need to be made. This is where an intensive driving course is best as it gives you the chance to complete your driving test in time and start the career you always wanted.

An intensive crash course is an efficient and cost-effective way of learning how to drive. Hence, where newbie drivers are concerned, an intensive driving course will set them on the right path and help them hone their driving skills without a delay.

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