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Why You Should Buy and Extended Warranty for Your Used Car

A warranty on a car effectively functions like an insurance policy against damage, but unlike your main car insurance policy it covers your own vehicle exclusively, the provider isn’t concerned who is at fault for any damage, and it typically covers a far wider range of damage than just accidental damage, which is the normal domain of motor insurance.

For example, these policies may cover natural wear and tear on the vehicle, as well as consequential damage (where one part’s failure has damaged another part) and even the cost of bringing the car up to standard after a failed MOT test. It’s a good way to protect yourself from unexpected costs.

But Why on a Used Car?

Dealerships often offer full warranties as part of their sales package, but this is much rarer when you are talking about used cars, unless they have been refurbished. That’s why, if you want the benefits of a warranty on a used vehicle, you’ll likely have to go to a separate warranty company like ALA Warranty.

You might wonder if it’s really worth the extra expense and trouble to keep a used vehicle in good condition, when it will usually have been in a less than perfect state when you got it. There are a couple of reasons why you should.

On the one hand, one reason a lot of people turn to the used market is not out of necessity but to take advantage of the rapid depreciation of car prices. This is a way to get comparatively high-end cars for much lower prices, but it means you may well end up with a vehicle that will be particularly expensive to repair regardless of its age, and a warranty can be invaluable here.

The Possibility of Breakdown

Another major point is that if you buy a used car on the cheaper end then the possibility that extended use will finally take its toll and lead to a breakdown is fairly high. It’s always worth knowing your car’s reliability index, and even fairly expensive cars can prove prone to malfunction after extended use.

Some of the most unreliable cars include the Renault Megane, the Volkswagen Touran, the Volkswagen Passat, the Vauxhall Vectra and even the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, the Bentley Continental GT and the BMW 7 Series. If this proves anything, it’s that even the most prestigious brands aren’t immune to the kind of damage a warranty is meant to protect you from, so it’s definitely worth having one.

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