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Why You Should Pick a Toyota When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a great way to make your money go further. You save on the initial purchase, on insurance, and after March of 2017 you may even see significant savings on road tax.

This is why a lot of people seek out what would normally be unreasonably expensive prestige brands and vehicles with a slew of optional extras, but this might not always be your best bet. There’s one factor of absolute importance you should consider: reliability.

Why Is Reliability So Important?

By definition a used car has already seen some action and has a measure of wear on it, and its always possible the previous owners have been less than meticulous about giving them the care they need. More expensive, sportier machines and large four-wheel drive vehicles are especially popular to buy used but they are also more temperamental, but any machine has a chance of going wrong in some way after prolonged use.

If you go with a brand with a reputation for reliability, though, you can rest easy that the car will muscle through whatever it needs to, even if the last owner put it through its paces. Toyota’s manufacturing process puts quality assurance at the centre of everything, and it shows through in the endurance and longevity of their vehicles.

This commitment to quality doesn’t even end with the assembly line or even the first owner. Toyota works with reputable used car dealerships like RRG, which carries a wide variety of models from across their diverse line, to certify used models and provide some of the same benefits as on their new cars, like Toyota Roadside Assistance. To be cynical for a moment, a business offering warranties and guarantees is a good sign that they are genuinely confident in their product, since their underlying assumption is that those services will very rarely if ever need to be used.

You might still have some doubts—reliability is important true, but you may have specific needs your next car has to meet. Luckily, as we mentioned before, Toyota’s line is highly varied from the environmentally friendly Prius, to the compact Yaris, to the hefty yet manoeuvrable RAV4, all with that vital aspect of reliability, so you’re certain to find the perfect used car for you in their line.

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