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Registration Number: KAA 903Y
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Austin
Model: Mini
Type: Van
Category: Van/Pick-up
Year Of Manufacture: 1982
Owned From: February 1991
Owned To: July 1993
Mileage: 66,000 when sold
Colour(s): Maroon
Current Location: United Kingdom
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Record Entered: 04/02/2003
Last Updated: 13/04/2018
Submitted by: Tristan P Barratt
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Locale: Camborne Cornwall
First Joined: 04 February 2003
Vehicles Contributed: 32
Notes: Heard about the Drive Archive on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2 and loved the idea.
Notes: The Mini van was my initially my Dads and he bought it in 1989. However, a month and a week after I passed my test, I borrowed it one Sunday and wrote it off. (17th February 1991). This was due to a mild impact with a Bedford Rascal on a back lane near Four Lanes, Cornwall. At least the driver of the Rascal couldnt get out because Id bent his door frame. The crash pushed my front subframe back 3 inches but I had it rebuilt at a cost of about £750, half paid by insurance, half paid by me.

It then served me faithfully for 2 solid years.

I Had a LOT of work done on it, especially as the old tin worm had a penchant for Mini steel. I probably ended up spending over £2,000 in the end. Well, it was my first car. I sold it to a gentleman in Park Bottom, Cornwall and never saw it again. I think he saw how much the rust had got hold and gave up in the end.
Modifications: Added Wolfrace alloys in 1992, then sold them 2 months later. Fluffy seat covers, a 12" deep dish steering wheel and 4 driving lamps all contributed to make the 850cc Min go even faster. Also fitted a centre console into which a cheap stereo was fitted. A stubby aerial and silver tinted rear windows completed the look.
KAA 903Y


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Submitted on 27/02/2013 17:08 by Paul Crossley
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