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5 Common Car Upgrades That Can Increase Any Car’s Performance

restore No matter what kind of car you drive, there are some subtle performance upgrades you can make that help your car accelerate and handle better, as well as increasing your potential top speed and improving fuel consumption.

There are many things that can be done to just about any engine, petrol or diesel, and some things can be improved without you needing to buy extra car parts. Here is our quick guide to five simple and common car upgrades that anyone can make to their vehicle to increase its performance.

Switch to Sportier Air Filters for You Engine

The internal combustion engine needs a steady supply of fuel and air to operate properly. Many engines perform poorly because of older, blocked air filters. Just replacing your standard air filters can help your car perform better, but looking for higher performance car parts to suit your engine can give you big performance gains. You can find pretty much everything you’d need for your car at who stock a full range of car parts, including air filters to suit many different vehicles. Their universal air filters come in a range of colours, sizes and fittings so they should work on just about any engine. Add some extra horsepower to your car today with this simple and effective switch.

Free Your Car from Its Electronic Limits by Re-Programming the ECU

Most modern engines are controlled by an electronic brain commonly called an ECU, or Electronic Control Unit. These small chips run your engine, deciding things like horsepower, rev range, and fuel to air ratios.

You can get these reprogrammed or replaced by engine tuning experts. This helps the engine to perform differently and it will give you better fuel consumption or more power. They can even remove the artificial limits to top speeds that are common in Japanese and German cars.

Performance Spark Plugs are a Simple and Effective Upgrade

For just a few pounds, you could add a few extra horsepower to your engine by switching to performance grade spark plugs. This cheap and simple addition can often add an extra five or more horsepower of performance, as well as give you more miles to the gallon.

Give Your Car Extra Performance and a Better Sound with a New Exhaust

We’ve already mentioned how important air is to an internal combustion engine, but the air an engine takes in isn’t the only aspect; the exhaust is incredibly important too.

By replacing a standard exhaust with a better-quality part, you can get a performance boost from your engine, and give your car a sportier and more aggressive exhaust note.

Use Specialist Fuel Additives to Clean Your Engine

Your engine may be clogged with grease, metal, carbon particles, and debris from miles and miles of use. By adding cleaning additives to your fuel tank, you can give your engine a clean and see an increase in both performance and fuel efficiency.

With some tender loving care and a few subtle improvements, any car can get a new lease on life. These simple upgrades can make even an old car feel like new again. Try just one or two of the top tips, and we’re sure you’ll notice the difference in your engine too.


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