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Birthday Gifts for your Car

I don't suppose I am the only petrolhead to give his car a name, am I? No. And I'm certainly not the only chap (or chap-ess) to celebrate my car's birthday every year. Am I? Am I?

Maybe it's only me then. Oh. Well, regardless, I thought I'd jot down a few suggestions for gifts for your motor. Keep 'em sweet, that's what I say. Don't treat 'em mean.

This is a follow-on to an article I wrote recently about Christmas presents for Petrolheads, (see HERE) - but this time, it's for the car. Or bike, or lorry. Well, to be honest I have no idea what to buy a bike or a lorry, but you get my drift. Feel free to ridicule or add ideas in the comments below.

birthday Alloy Wheels. I know an awful lot of cars come with alloys these days, but if you are stuck with steel wheels or if you just want to make your motor stand out from the crowd, a sparkling set of alloys is the thing. Just not in black, I don't like black. Actually white are my favourites.
birthday Rim Protectors. And having shelled out for those potentially quite expensive alloys, the last thing you want is to scratch them. So if you have kerb blindness like me, you'll maybe need some of these.
birthday Private Number Plates. As with all of us, your car is aging. And like all of us this will be starting to show - and the biggest giveaway is the registration plate. So get yourself a personalised one and keep the car longer. I'd like the one shown here.
birthday Reversing Camera. I use a car with a reversing camera and a car without. When driving the one without and I snick it into reverse gear and then tend to stare blankly at the radio for a minute before realising, that ain't going to show me anything. For us oldies who can't turn around any more, a great boon.
birthday Protection Film. Have the vulnerable areas of your motor covered in a protective film which will prevent scratched and stone chips. So they say. You can even install it yourself, but I'm not sure I'd fancy trying that. It might work. In an advert I recently read, they suggested you bought more than you think you'd need. Sounds like good advice!
birthday Battery Monitor. Now I have an old car which doesn't get used that much. And the number of times I've gone out to use it, locked the front door, put stuff in the boot, got myself settled in - and then the thing won't start, well... lots of times. With one of these devices and a smart phone, at least I'd know not to bother!
birthday Car Cover. A bit mundane this, but if like me you have an old car that gets used infrequently, covering it over to protect against wind, rain and notably bird poo - well a cover seems like a good option. Your paintwork will thank you in the end.
Car Vacuum. A good strong car vacuum will save you a lot of time lugging about the house hoover to keep your interior looking nice. Probably best to spend the most you can on this, you don't want a weedy one that won't shift all the muck and detritus that seems to end up in a footwell.
birthday Exhaust Whistler. So, you want your car to feel good about itself, now don't you. So, give it a whistle. You can make it sound like it's got a turbo dump valve. (This is a ridiculous suggestion, I'm ashamed of myself for even suggesting it).


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