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How businesses are fighting van theft in 2019

van Tradespeople tend to rely on their own tools and facilities to keep themselves in business and it’s fair to say that most of them are self-employed. With a hefty workload, many people keep their tools in their vans overnight, making them a number one target for thieves.

One of the biggest difficulties tradespeople face is that while they can remove their tools from their vehicle, their van can still be stolen, making it impossible for them to get to work.

Some businesses have had to start taking extreme measures to try and avoid theft, and we’ve collected some of the top tips to avoid it, from vehicle tracking to visible security.

Although it’s difficult to prevent thieves completely, there are some measures that can be taken that can decrease the chances of your van being targeted. Most thieves hope for a quick getaway, so upping your security measures – and making them obvious – can be beneficial.

Obvious security measures are often debated over, and many people are sceptical as to whether they should be subtle or obvious. Some people argue that a big lock on a van will make it clear there are valuables inside, making it more of a target. However, a subtle lock, or none at all, will make the van easily accessible, which makes thieves more likely to pick it for a quick getaway.

It’s harder to break into a van if it’s parked on a drive, particularly if you park it in a way that makes the doors a little more difficult to access. Not only is it easier to figure out security measures if a car is parked on the road, but it sticks out in comparison to those parked on a drive. Although thieves won’t be completely put off by a well parked or highly secure van, it’ll definitely decrease the likeliness of being broken into.

Try and move your tools inside each night, although it’s a pain, at least it won’t be such a big bill if someone does break into your van. Most working tradesmen will have multiple tools, making it difficult to remove them out of the van each night. While it isn’t practical, thieves are aware that most tradespeople won’t remove their items, making it more likely they’ll find something if they do break-in.

If the thieves do decide to steal the physical van with all the tools along with it, the safest way to avoid a big loss is to install a GPS tracking system in your van. Many thieves who steal vans will take the whole thing so they can unload them when convenient, meaning you’re more likely to be able to locate your vehicle if it does get stolen. Although there’s still a time limit, you’re more likely to find your van with the potential of restoring some tools with a tracker.

Some security measures are simple, with stickers informing people there are no tools left in the vehicle overnight, and putting your company label on the van to make it easy to recognise. While thieves will always find something to target, these tips should help you ensure it’s not yours.


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