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How to Care for a Vintage or Classic Car Ready for a Car Show

Providing care for a classic car is a labour of love for many owners. While it may stay at home most of the time, you may enjoy taking it out for a spin occasionally or putting it on display at a car show too. To gain entry to a car show, the vehicle needs to be in the best shape possible. In this article, we provide some tips on how to care for the vehicle properly.

Keep the Fluids Topped Up Regularly

The car’s fluids are easy to forget about, but they’re required to avoid the vehicle seizing up. The engine oil needs to be topped up to avoid damage when starting the engine with a level of oil that is too low.

Any coolant supply within the vehicle to help manage starting and running during colder weather helps avoid the engine from being frozen solid, so refill this as needed too.

Store with a Fuller Tank of Petrol

When a classic car is sitting in the garage for too long, condensation inside the fuel tank can create a damp issue with bacteria, mould, etc. To avoid this, whenever you keep the vehicle in the garage at home without using it for weeks at a time, keep it filled up. This leaves little space in the petrol tank for condensation to form in the early mornings.

Also, if you have a vehicle that doesn’t do well in colder climates, then you may wish to install a garage heater to keep the vehicle warm. This applies to many classic Jaguars that often need a heated garage to avoid future problems. This way, when taking the vehicle out for a car show, it will start reliably.

Give the Car Extra Pizzazz with Show Plates

Your classic car might be drivable and legal to drive on British roads, or it may not be. Either way, you might enjoy owning some show plates. These are used in place of the vehicle’s official number plate to give it a little something extra.

Show plates cannot be used on British roads, but they’re ideal for putting on your classic car at home or for a car show. They can be conveniently ordered online from a company like Number 1 Plates in different shapes and sizes to suit the look you’re after. Number 1 Plates are the top site in the UK for making show plates and give you all the design flexibility you could need.

Getting on the Road Again?

To get your classic car that’s been sitting in the garage for too long ready for use, here’s what to do:

Wash & Clean – While a car cover is a good idea, the car will still need to be freshly washed, polished up and a layer of wax applied too. This ensures that the paintwork won’t become damaged by the sun or rain. Find a way to spray the undercarriage too, as it can suffer damage from dirt or salt on the roads.

Servicing – Get the brake pads looked at, the tyre pressure verified, and everything else checked on a regular servicing to be sure the vehicle is in good shape. You might be surprised what the garage finds.

Battery – It’s possible to disconnect the battery when you are not using the vehicle to avoid it draining down. Nevertheless, it still needs a top-up or a complete charge as cold climates drain the charge faster than warmer weather. A 12-volt charger will get the job done right.

Once everything has been taken care of, the car is ready to show off to friends, family or visitors to the classic car show.

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