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How to Increase the Value of Your Car

Are you thinking of selling your car in the not so distant future? Or maybe you are have recently bought a car and want to know what steps to take to ensure that when you do go to sell it, it sells for as high a price as possible. It is always in your best interest to ensure that you keep its value as high as possible as this will mean more money to put towards your future car. Here, we are taking you through each of the different ways that you can increase the value of your car from general maintenance to personalised number plates.

Watch Your Mileage

One of the easiest ways in which you can ensure that you maintain the price of your car, or increase its value when going to sell it, is to have it properly maintained. The first way in which you can do this is to keep the mileage down as low as you possibly can. When it comes to selling a car, its mileage is the big factor that will seriously affect its price. While your car may appear brand new, and it may not actually be that old, if it has a high mileage then this will affect the price. If you are planning on selling your car after a few years, try not to take it on very long road trips that will increase this figure considerably.

Follow Your Maintenance Schedule

In the back of the owner’s manual, you should find a maintenance schedule. This schedule should be adhered to as any new owners of the car will want to know that it has been properly maintained by you and that it is in great working condition. If your car currently has a mechanical problem or an aesthetic problem, look into getting it fixed as soon as possible to ensure that the issue does not get any worse.

Make a Logbook

While all of this maintenance that you are doing on your car is great, it really is not much use if you cannot prove this to a potential buyer of your car. For this reason, it is important that you keep a log book of all the maintenance work that has been carried out as proof. This includes saving all receipts, no matter how minor the work was. When you have a well-documented service history, this demonstrates that your car has been well taken care of and any savvy car buyer will be happy to pay a bit extra to give them that reassurance and peace of mind.

Park Your Car Under Shelter

Another really easy way in which you can maintain the value of your car is to park it in a sheltered place. Physical protection from the elements is a great way to ensure your car stays in tip top condition as sunlight and other weather can make your car age more quickly than it should. If you have a garage, then this is the perfect place to store your car.

The Cleanliness of Your Car

If you are just on the verge of selling your car, one of the easiest ways in which you can instantly add on a few extra pounds is to ensure that the inside of your car is spotless. If your car looks as though it has been well kept, people are far more likely to pay a higher price for it. We would recommend that you apply paint and a fabric protection pack to your car as this will make washing and waxing it an easier process. Furthermore, you should remember that it is not only the outside of your car than requires some TLC, but also the inside too. Place down mats on the ground to prevent stains and ensure that all the side and glove compartments have been emptied. Some big no no’s that can massively reduce the value of your car include smoking in it due to the smell and also having pets in your car. If you have a dog, then we probably don’t need to remind you of how hard it is to remove the smell of a dog and its hair from your car.

Be A Careful Driver

If you want to ensure that your car is sold at a high price, you will need to ensure that you are driving it safely, so it does not get caught in any accidents. If your car has a history of collision damage, this can be flagged up and will affect the price of your car. While it is hard to ensure that your car is 100% completely dent and scratch free, you should try and keep these bumps to the bare minimum. If you do end up in a car accident and your car requires extensive work, ensure that it goes to a reputable garage and that only factory parts are used in it. You should save all receipts and when you go to sell your car, it is best to be upfront about any damage it has sustained. Trying to avoid this scenario can lead a potential buyer to believe that the damage done was more extensive that you are stating.

Personalised Car Registrations

An easy way in which you can increase the value of your car is to get a private plate. A personal plate is easy to get nowadays, and you can head online to a website such as British Car Registrations. Here, they will not only provide you with a private car registration, but they will also let you know which private registrations are available. Personalised registrations that are in high demand can add lots of value to your car if they are sought after and a personalised plate can add that extra touch, giving your car an edge over any other cars that the potential buyer may be looking at. Finally, not only does this site provide you with personal car registrations, you can also purchase their Valuations Guide. This is the only guide to the value of private registration plates in the United Kingdom and will cost you £29.99.

Add a Navigation System

Another customisation that you can make to your car to try and increase its value is to add a navigation system. A Sat Nav system is highly appreciated by potential buyers and they do not have to cost you a lot of money. Sat Nav systems that can be fitted in your car and now a lot cheaper than they once were and this will definitely be a selling point when you decide to sell your car.

If you are going to be selling your car in the coming years or relatively soon, make sure you follow out top tips on how to increase the value of your car. This will help you to get the most money that you can for your vehicle, which you can then use towards the purchase of your next car and treat yourself to a better model than you were originally going to buy.

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