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Motorcycle Maintenance you can do at Home

A motorcycle used to be something that was owned by bad boys and perhaps some older people trying to recapture their youth. But this is no longer the case. In fact, motorcycling is becoming increasing popular because it gives you a sense of freedom that you’ll never get in a car.

You can also get to and from anywhere without having to worry about traffic and it will cost you less to run!

The only real downside is that you’ll get wet when you ride in the rain. But, if you visit the right motorbike sales place then you can get great waterproof gear when you buy your bike.

You can also help to keep your bike on the road by completing these maintenance tasks at home:

Check Your Tyres

Your tyres should have a minimum tread depth of 1.5mm. There are wear indicators on the tyre and you should have a visible tread pattern.

You can check these weekly with a tread depth checker. You should also visually inspect your tyres to ensure the walls are not damaged or the tread is not wearing excessively in one spot.

Don’t forget to check their pressure as well.

Chain tension

Your chain needs lubrication to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t overheat. Unless you have a self lubricating system you need to check and lubricate your chain every week.

At the same time it is worth checking the tension. It should not sag but it should also not be so tight that there is no movement in it. You’ll be able to adjust the tension via the front sprocket but don’t over tighten it.


Most motorcycles are cooled in the same way as a car; with coolant. This means you need to check this regularly to ensure you are not loosing coolant.

Oil Change

When you do an oil change it is best to change the filter at the same time. Simply drop the sump plug off with a suitable container to catch the old oil. Then remove the filter to help air push the old oil out.

Clean the areas and install one filter before putting a new sump plug on your bike and refilling the oil. Do not overfill; this is as bad for the engine as having no oil.

Check Your Brakes

You’ll probably know if your brakes are starting to wear as your braking power will be reduced.

However, it is also a good idea to visually inspect your pads on a regular basis; if they are worn or your discs appear warped then replace them.

Don’t forget to check your brake fluid at the same time.

Air Filter

Your engine needs clean air to work efficiently; this means checking and replacing the air filter when necessary.

General Components

Almost all moving parts need a layer of grease to protect them from road dirt, heat and help them to turn smoothly. Check and grease all moving parts regularly to help your bike last longer.

Above all, complement your home maintenance routine with a regular service by the professionals; it will help to keep your bike on the road where it belongs.


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