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Parents Fears - Learning To Drive

Whether you’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of a Bond 875 or have dreamed of owning a BMW 2002 Touring, you had to start somewhere when it came to learning how to drive.

Breakdown service provider RAC has recently put together some research around first time buyers and car ownership, looking into whether they’ll enjoy the freedom of their own vehicle or have to share the family one.

48% of parents who took part in the research confirmed that their kids would make use of the main family car once they passed their test while 46% said that they would pay for their child’s first car. You can see the full breakdown of their research below.

But what if your child wants a classic car to get around in?

According to car site Honest John, when it comes to classics the 80s is the era to revisit with vehicles such as the Austin Metro, Volkswagen Golf MkII and Audi 80 considered some great options. Not only are these vehicles cheap to maintain nowadays, they’re also relatively cheap to insure – a bonus for first time drivers.

Will you be picking up the bill for that first car?

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