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Restoring Your Dream Classic Car?
How To Do It Right

restore Many petrol-heads dream of owning a vintage car, but buying one can be an expensive and lengthy process.

Working classics can set you back a lot of money, which is why many car fans choose to renovate or restore an old version instead.

Whether you’ve chosen a popular classic car, like a VW Bettle or a Porshe 911, or something more unusual, we respect your decision to restore your classic car and bring it back to its former glory.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips to help first-time restorers to rejuvenate their car right and get it back on the road in no time.

Look Out For Vintage Components

Classic cars that need exterior repairs, or major renovations, might require vintage spare parts. After all, you don’t want the exterior trim or the steering wheel to be generic; you’ll cheapen the feel of your dream car. Spend some time traversing auctions, vintage car rallies, and even junkyards to find the parts you need. You could also look online to see if sellers are offering parts that will ensure that your classic car retains its old-world charm.

Choose Quality New Parts

If you’re unable to find retro car parts, then find a provider of quality solutions. For example, car tyres don’t preserve well, so you’ll need to buy new ones for your classic motor. You can easily order these online if your local store is closed from a site such as RoundTrip, who offer a range of the best tyre brands on the market, and as such, you can be sure that your classic car will be safe when you use their services. The company boasts an impressive selection of shapes, sizes and types of tyres and are delivering as normal throughout the pandemic, so you should be able to find the tyre that suits your vehicle.

Create A Comfortable Workspace

Your classic car restoration project is about more than just the outcome; you also need to have an enjoyable experience. As such, you need to create a comfortable space where you can work on your car. A garage is an ideal solution, so if you have one that’s full of junk, then clear it out and make space for your project. If you don’t have a garage, or it doesn’t have enough space, then consider renting a lockup or asking your friends if you can use their garage. Once you’ve found a space to work in, you need to make it feel comfortable. Amenities like a kettle and a comfortable chair will make it easier for you to work and enjoy the process of turning a heap of metal into a classic car you can take pride in.

Ask For Advice

Restoring a classic car can be a long and arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be, so if you’re struggling, ask for help. Many classic car forums will be happy to discuss your project and share ideas on how you can deal with issues or find the best parts. If you’re finding any part of your project challenging, then consider sharing it on a forum or asking an expert to get the benefit of their expertise.

Take Pride In Your Work

Classic cars are more than just a mode of transport; they’re a thing of beauty that deserves to be treated as such. When you’re restoring a classic car, you need to make sure that you take pride in your work and create a finish that will impress even the most discerning and experienced of car aficionados. Spend extra time doing as much of the work by hand as possible, so that you can create a unique, pristine finish.

When renovating a classic car, it’s crucial that you have fun and enjoy every stage of the process. These tips should make the process easier and give you inspiration for creative ways you can overcome any challenges you face, so you can start enjoying your dream car.


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