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Things to Know About Becoming a Wheelchair Friendly Driver

Transportation can be a major issue for those that require the use of a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the public transportation system is not quite up to the required standard and will also not take you to exactly where you need to go and this is problematic for wheelchair users. The best solution for those looking for a convenient and stress-free way to get from A to B is to seek out a wheelchair friendly vehicle service.

Wheelchair friendly vehicles services can have a huge impact on individuals and communities by making it simple for wheelchair users to get out whether it is to get to work, go the local shops or to visit friends/family. In order to provide this very important service for wheelchair users, there are a few steps that need to be taken first.

The Vehicle

Obviously, you will need a suitable vehicle in order to transport wheelchair users. You can obtain wheelchair accessible vehicles of different sizes and with different features from specialists like Allied Mobility. These vehicles make it incredibly quick, easy and safe to access for wheelchair users where they will then be able to sit as a passenger.


If you are setting up your own wheelchair friendly vehicle transportation service then you will need to register your company. Alternatively, there has been a rise in Uber-like services for wheelchair users - if you opt for this route then you will simply need to register as a driver and make sure that you have insurance in place (more on this below).


In order to cover your liabilities whilst transporting passengers, you will need to arrange some form of insurance such as a commercial auto insurance policy and a general liability policy to cover any damage or injury during transportation.


You may also require a chauffeur’s license in order to legally pick up and drop off clients before you start commencing business.

These are the key aspects that you will need in order to start your own wheelchair friendly transportation service or if you plan on joining an Uber-like wheelchair friendly service.

This is a highly important service as it can be a huge challenge for wheelchair users to get around and enjoy their own independence. Public transportation can be incredibly difficult and stressful which is why this is such an important service. Many wheelchair users have their own wheelchair accessible vehicles, but in many cases they will be relying on somebody else to drive them which can be tricky and does not provide much independence. A transport service, meanwhile, can make it easier for them to arrange trips out at a time to suit them and provide a great sense of freedom.


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