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Things You Should Consider When Buying Car Trailers

murano When people need to ferry personal belongings, especially cars, they could consider using a car trailer to do the job effectively. Individuals could rent each time they need a trailer. Another option is to pay a one-time fee and acquire a personal trailer unit. That way, they can save costs in the long term.

When buying a personal unit, however, one must ensure that it’s from reputable trailer businesses such as Lucca towing trailers. Since this could prove to be an unusual purchase, there are several considerations to make before buying a car trailer. Seeking the advice of professionals would be worth your while.

As for the basics, here are a few things to consider when looking to buy a car trailer:

1. The Trailer Type

The choice of the trailer type to acquire will definitely be influenced by personal preferences and your budget. Thus, the first consideration is to look for a trailer based on its mode of construction.

Trailers come in two types, namely open and enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers protect vehicles against weather elements. They can be used for longer storage while minimising the risk of damage to the car in transit.

Meanwhile, open trailers are functional, and fit in perfectly with a limited budget. To improve your open trailer experience, you should also invest in a stone guard to ensure protection against road debris.

2. The Trailer Material

Trailers are made of either steel or aluminium. The choice of material is reflected in the lifespan and cost of the trailer. Steel trailers are considerably less expensive than aluminium ones, but there is a compromise on its rust resistance. Steel trailers can be routinely checked and repaired if they are chosen due to the cost disparity. Aluminium is lighter than steel, which makes it a better option for heavyweight vehicles. This is also a smarter option for reducing the work done by the hauling truck.

3. The Payload Of The Trailer And Vehicular Type

The payload must be taken into consideration to ensure that the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a trailer is sufficient for the vehicle to be moved. The GVWR is the combined weight of the trailer and the load it’s to carry.

Hence, to determine the payload of a trailer, the self-weight of the trailer is deducted from the GVWR. For example, a trailer with a GVWR of 9,900 pounds will have a payload of over 6,400 pounds if its self-weight is just 3,500 pounds.

The vehicle type that the trailer will be carrying should also be considered. Details such as the vehicular headroom required for the vehicle you plan to haul must be factored in when choosing between an enclosed trailer or multi-deck open trailer.

4. The Trailer Size

murano The size of the trailer depends on the buyer’s needs. Note, however, that single car trailers come in varying sizes, and that goes for double car trailer sizes, too. Car trailers carrying higher numbers of vehicles have varying sizes and may have multi-level decks. Furthermore, costs increase with size increases. Hence, it’s important to consider your budget before making a final trailer choice.

5. The Towing Capacity Of Your Truck

You also need to consider your truck’s weight ratings when choosing a trailer. The Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) rating determines the maximum towing capacity your truck can take. You can determine if a trailer will work with your car specifications from its GVWR. For example, a car having a GTW rating of 10,000 pounds will comfortably haul a trailer with a GVWR rating of 9,900 pounds. It’s best to know these numbers.

6. Your Budget

The trailer price is ultimately determined by many factors, including type, size, material, and GVWR. The price of open trailers ranges between GBP£1,500 to £7,600 while enclosed ones cost between GBP£11,400 to £12,100. Your budget should be weighed against these price ranges to determine which type suits your needs. Used and new trailers are also worth comparing before a purchase is made.

For individuals hauling multiple vehicles, it’s also important to consider the option that would be most cost-effective in the long run. If you choose a type due to your low budget, it could mean hauling vehicles in multiple trips. Assess if it’s worth the trouble.

7. Check Your Licence

Trailers require different licencing requirements for drivers to be permitted to tow one. A full licence is required to haul a trailer behind your car. Trailer weight restrictions also apply to licences obtained before and after a specific period or year. Hence, it’s important to check these details closely before buying a trailer, and apply for licence upgrades where necessary.

Final Thoughts

Several factors such as long vacations and temporary workplace changes influence the decision to purchase car trailers. Those who need to make such huge changes often would also need to consider the right choice of a car trailer. Running through these basic tips, you could start by looking into the trailer’s construction type, material, and payload factors, among others. While the biggest determiner would be your budget and your personal needs, ensure that you’ll also check the necessary driving licence, ratings, and towing specifications.


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