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Three Jobs for Petrol Heads

The invention of the automobile completely revolutionised the world. Cars are beautiful, they are useful, and they can help you experience freedom unlike anything else. It’s no wonder that for some, their car isn’t just a possession but a way of life. The best way to turn this passion into a career is to find a job that’s catered to petrol heads.

Become a Professional Driver

If driving is your passion, you have a variety of jobs to choose from. Whether you only want to be on the open road for a short period of time, or want to enjoy long hauls for greater reward, there is something for everyone.

  1. In the Taxi Industry
    There are two main avenues that you can go through to get into the taxi industry. One is by being hired by a taxi company. The second is to work in the ride-sharing economy through apps like Uber or Lyft. You will need a special insurance policy if this were the case, and to follow all rules and regulations to ensure safe and legal operations.
  2. As a Delivery Driver
    Many different kinds of businesses require delivery drivers, meaning that you have many opportunities to turn your love of driving into a profitable activity. You don’t have to stress to find work, either. With job listing posted on sites like Gumtree all the time, finding your next job is easy. Simply click here to see what driving jobs in Sheffield are available, for instance, and expand your search outwards if you don’t mind a longer commute.
  3. In the Commercial Transportation Industry
    The transportation industry will require you to have a special C1 + E license, but it can be a very good, steady stream of work if you love the open road. You can work transporting goods for one specific brand, or you can work carrying multiple shipments from one destination to another to help small businesses find their own success. Either way, the transportation industry is huge, and if you want in, you are almost guaranteed to find something.
  4. A Professional Race Car Driver
    Though not for everyone, you can make a real killing as a professional race car driver. This will require you to start off small and work your way up just as you would in any sport. There is extensive documentation if you are interested in the Motor Sports Association UK website.

Become a Mechanic

If long hauls and driving others around isn’t your cup of tea, then try your hand at being a mechanic. This will require training, of course, so if you don’t have the experience it is time to start your apprenticeship. Before you can become a certified mechanic, you will need at least a Level 2 qualification in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair as well as a driving licence for the vehicles you want to repair, so that you can road test them.

Become an Automobile Dealer

Last but not least, you can become an automobile dealer. You can either start a collection or work as a collector in sourcing and finding antique models. Additionally, you can work at your standard car dealership. Either way, if helping people find their dream car sounds like the perfect job, then being an automobile dealer is the right job for you.

There are so many jobs out there to help you take your love of all things motor-related to the next level. Who wouldn’t want to talk shop all day? With these jobs, you can.


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