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What to Win?

I don't know about you, but I'm a little bit addicted to trying to win stuff. It's so much easier to win a car than to have to buy one, don't you think?

So, I regularly enter competitions where a car is the prize. Favourite among these is BOTB (Best of the Best), which is a weekly spot-the-ball competition, easy to play and with the additional bonus that you can actually choose the car you might (might? no, WILL) win. You could try yourself, click here.

The dilemma, of course, is which car to pick. The choices are extensive, the more you pay for your 'go', the better the car you'll win. You could have and Aston Martin, a Porsche, a Ferrari - the list goes on and on. If you're on a budget you can pick a Fiesta or a Mini. But I always think to myself, yes it'll be cheaper to enter, but if you won, how big a plonker would you feel thinking that you COULD have won something really nice. I have honestly lain awake at night regretting my cheapo choice, convinced I should have picked a Porsche. Bonkers

So, my solution is to go for the mid range stuff, not ridiculously expensive, not too cheap.

Next - what sort of car are you going to win? Your eye is naturally drawn to the sports cars. Well mine are. Probably something open top. A Boxster perhaps? Jaguar F-Type? Then you think, yes but what about the family? So there are saloons aplenty, BMWs, Audis - but this is your one chance to have something stand-out. It's got to be really impressive with size and performance and a bit of class.

My eyes frequently alight upon the Range Rover Evoque. That seems to satisfy an awful lot of my requirements. 70% of the size of a normal Range Rover, it's not to big and not too small. The diesel version is powerful and frugal, 8.5 seconds to 60mph and 120+ mph. It looks great, it's amazing inside. Just the job.

Oh, there is one thing I forgot to mention though... let's be realistic... you're not actually going to win. I mean it's fun choosing and fun putting the cross where the ball might be, but, really, no - it won't happen. Probably. Is there a bigger word than 'probably'? Okay then, it is EXTREMELY unlikely you'll win. So - what to do?

You could put your dreams on hold, exercise self control. You could rob a bank (not recommended). You could work really really hard for years and years and save all you earned. You could sit down and write a catchy Christmas number one single and never have to work again (Noddy) - or you could maybe Lease one. Of course you MUST stop entering the BOTB competition if you do do such a thing... you don't want two Evoques on the drive, now do you? Do you?


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