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Why Buy Used or New When You Could Buy Nearly New?

When the time comes for a motorist to purchase a vehicle, they will usually weigh up the pros and cons of buying either a used or brand new car. Whilst there are benefits to both, there are also a handful of drawbacks which can make it a difficult decision. There is actually a third option which provides the best of both worlds with very few drawbacks and this is buying a nearly new car.

What is a Nearly New Car?

So, what is meant by “nearly new”? As the name implies, a nearly new vehicle is one which has not come straight from the factory but has also not racked up many miles. Typically, these vehicles are registered by the dealer as a demonstrator or test vehicle. As a result, they will be less than 12 months old and not have many miles at all but are still technically second hand.


The key benefit of buying nearly new is that it is much more affordable than buying brand new as the vehicle will have already lost a percentage of its original price due to depreciation - this could save you thousands of pounds. Despite this, it will be prac-tically the same condition as a brand new car as it will not have been used much by the dealership. Additionally, these vehicles will be available immediately unlike buy-ing new where you will have to wait for it to arrive.


One drawback is that your choice may be restricted as you may not be able to specify exactly what you want, but this should not be too much of an issue as the savings that you make are so significant. It is also important that you check the condition of the car to make sure that it has been treated well as occasionally it may be an ex-lease which may have been mistreated by the user. To find the best nearly new vehicles which will have been well cared for, it is worth visiting specialists like Imperial Cars and you will also find that there are flexible payment options with this route.

Overall, buying a nearly new car makes more sense over buying new or used as it, essentially, allows you to buy a new car for much cheaper. This means that you are getting a vehicle that is in great condition without many miles on the odometer - something that is hard to find in the used car market.

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