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11 Reasons to Get a Driving License in College

Once college begins, students have little to no time to think about anything else other than what’s around them. For all events and purposes, students need to get all their work done effectively and quickly. But for this, they would also need all the resources and tools that would enable them to get their work done in the way they wish.

One of the prime requirements during college is to move around for various reasons. At any given time, they might need to travel for projects, go to college, or buy groceries from the market. And to do all of one’s traveling and moving around quickly, one of the best solutions is to drive a car. But to do so, one should possess a valid driving license. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons to get a driving license in college.

But before we jump into the world of licensing and driving, students reading this should also be aware of focusing on their academics. This means that getting a driver’s license can take a while. One needs to go through various stages of preparations and tests. But while they are at it, they should not lose touch with their daily assignments and work.

Luckily, today’s students can also use various digital services to help them with some of their extra work. For example, students can use a top platform like Studyfy as their online writing service while still focusing on getting their license. Using such services not only frees up some extra energy and time but also helps improve one’s grades.

In no particular order, here are 11 reasons to get a driving license in college.

1) Road Trips & Getaways

One of the most fun aspects of owning a driving license and car is that one can go on road trips and getaways. Such trips are a lot more fun with a private car because people can explore a lot more with ease. One can also get a good music system or a display screen for movies in their cars to boost the overall fun. Modern vehicles also have advanced navigation systems that prevent people from getting lost on the road.

2) Convenience in Conveyance

One of the best aspects of driving a car is that it is a very convenient option to travel. One can not only get from point A to point B but also explore a whole lot of other points. Cars are comfortable, spacious, and quick. Once learned properly, they can be quickly mobilized and used to travel to different locations. One can also accommodate more people in cars than on, let’s say, motorbikes or scooters.

3) Grocery Shopping

Those who live in private houses or even dorms need groceries and other essential items. When one has all the things they really require, they can focus and work better. Licensed drivers can use their cars to shop for various things or run different errands.

4) Get a Recognized Identification Card & Document

A driver’s license is an officially recognized identity card and a document issued by the government. One can use it to travel to different places, board flights, stay at hotels, register for events, and a lot more. One can also use their license to register and generate other identification cards and documents like car insurance certificates.

5) Carpool or Share a Ride with Your Peers

Another great aspect of owning a license and car is that they can be used to share rides with others or carpool together. Carpooling can not only save a lot of money but can also save the environment. Plus, sharing and carpooling are great ways of traveling with one’s peers when everyone has to go to the same destination.

6) Useful During Emergencies

During college, students can face a variety of issues and problems. And while some problems can be solved with resources in their immediate surroundings, others may require one to travel. During emergencies, one has very little time to think, organize, and plan. They are so occupied with solving the problem at hand that they need immediate help on all fronts. A licensed driver can use any car to move around during any kind of emergency.


7) Explore Your City, State, & More

Driving around in a personal car is a great way to explore the most popular and offbeat places in one’s city. All one needs to do is get their license, fuel their cars, research their favorite spots, and drive to them. With a car, one also has the added benefits of comfort, safety, and adventure while exploring.

8) Can Be Great for Socializing

Not only today but ever since cars started to become more readily available, they’ve been used to drive around with one’s friends. One can use it to pick up friends who live far away or go with friends to faraway places together. One can also go for sing-a-longs and karaoke sessions while driving around. Students can also use their cars to visit drive-in car theaters with their college friends.

9) Driving is a Safe Option

Everyone inherently knows that two-wheelers are not too safe while riding around. Some might even refer to two-wheelers as a bucket of nails that can fall apart at any time. Driving a car, on the other hand, is a lot safer. A car provides added safety through an enclosed environment, airbags, navigation system, and more. It also reduces the overall chance of minor injuries as compared to two-wheelers.

10) Driving is a Cost-Effective Travel Option

Although some might argue that public transport like buses and trains is cheaper, it may not always be so. This is mainly because there are different types of costs that one must incur using public transport. And one of the main expenses associated with public transportation is time. With public transport, one may spend less money (depending on the type and length of travel) but end up spending a lot more time.

11) It’s An All-Around Great Feeling

All the most obvious benefits aside, the process and act of owning a driver’s license are uplifting in themselves. Most people who get it feel like they have achieved something or unlocked something bigger in their lives. Getting a license is also considered by many to be a precursor to growing up and becoming an adult. After getting one, students also celebrate and throw parties for their friends and family.

The Bottom Line

College life can be a lot more hectic for those who aren’t fully prepared. Thus, one needs to prepare themselves on all fronts. And traveling and moving around is one of the most essential aspects that ensures a smoother time and life in college. Students are always advised to prepare themselves thoroughly to get their driver’s license in good time.


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