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A Step By Step Guide For Effectively Saving Up For A Car

saving It doesn’t matter what age you are or how financially stable you become, purchasing a car is still a huge expense. In fact, many people consider it to be the second biggest expense of an average family behind buying a house. There are many roads you can take to buy a car. You can go used, electric or petrol. Whatever you choose, follow this step-by-step guide to effectively save money for a car.

Find The Vehicle You Want

The first thing you should consider when buying a car is what type of vehicle do you want or, possibly, need. Cars come in all shapes and sizes. There are different makes, engine sizes, number of seats, and designs to consider, and each one will appeal to people differently.

For example, a seven-seater car is going to fit a large family nicely but not a teen that is new to driving. Getting an idea of what type of car you want will give you an idea of the price you are aiming to save for. You may not end up buying the specific car that you picked out when setting this goal, but at least this will put you in a financial position to get something similar.

Take Into Account Additional Expenses

The initial cost of a vehicle is especially large; however, it isn’t going to be the only thing that you need to pay for when you get a new car. There are other expenses that go along with driving, such as insurance, tax, and repair costs that will eat into your savings if you aren’t careful.

The only way to effectively save for a car that you can take onto the roads is by researching the cost of everything that you will need. Some of the prices of these additional expenditures will differ depending on your driver history or the type of car you purchase, but it is still worth saving up for the worst-case scenario. If you end up with money left over, you could always put it in the savings pot for your next car.

Consider All Of Your Options

You may not realize it yet, but there are other buying options when it comes to owning your own car. Most people will save up and buy a car outright, but this approach doesn’t suit everyone. Plus, your monthly payments will probably be lower when you buy used.

There are times where you need to pay off your car in regular instalments. Some companies will even take into account your salary when devising your re-payment scheme. This payment method might seem like a long shot if you have poor credit, but there are also companies like Choose My Car that will cater to drivers with lower credit scores. The important thing to remember is not to fret if you cannot drum up a large sum of money in quick succession. There is always another option out there. You just have to find it.

Know What To Cut Out

Saving money isn’t only about putting money aside. Sometimes, you may have to analyse your regular outgoings and identify anything that you can live without. Becoming financially responsible is a difficult task, requiring a lot of trial and error. However, the most important step is identifying unnecessary expenses and eradicating them from your life. Until you can afford the thing you are saving for, at least.

Do you stop for a coffee on your way to work? Make one at home instead. How often do you go out to the pub? Maybe knock out a day of drinking to compensate for the money you need. These are only small changes, and you may find that they become permanent if you enjoy having the extra cash flow.

Trade-In Your Old Car

If you are having trouble affording a car, you have probably driven your previous vehicle into the ground. It doesn’t matter what repair work needed doing, you saw that it got fixed so that you didn’t have to worry about paying for a new car. Now that it has given up the ghost, what are you to do with it?

An old car is never going to be worth nothing. You never know who is looking for the exact make of vehicle that you have been driving for years. However, you can always sell the thing for spare parts if it doesn’t work anymore. You may only receive a small pay out but every little helps when you are working towards a savings goal.


No one said that saving for a car would be easy. There is a lot to consider, and you may find that you encounter setbacks, or that it takes a long time. However, this article should at least give you the head start that you need to effectively save up for your next car.


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