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Are Quad Bikes Road Legal in the UK?

mods Quad bikes can be fantastic fun to ride and highly practical in a lot of situations, but many people find themselves confused when it comes to the legality of quad bikes and what is and what is not allowed. With this in mind, read on to find out all that you need to know about riding quad bikes legally in the UK.

On-Road Legality

To be used on UK roads, a quad bike must be approved, registered, taxed and have an MOT. Despite it being possible to ride a quad bike on the road, most cannot be used because they do not meet road safety standards. The key is to check when buying a quad bike to see if that particular make and model has been approved for road use - if it meets safety standards but has not yet been approved, you can then apply for type approval.


In terms of requirements for riding a quad bike, there are quite a few and you will need to familiarize yourself with them. You will need to have a full car license or category B1 license if it was issued before January 1997 and register the bike with the DVLA (it must also have front and rear number plates). If the bike is more than 3 years old, you will also need a valid MOT certificate to use it on the road.


If riding on the roads, you will need to have third party insurance in place and you will want to find a specialist quad bike insurer to get the cover that you need. Due to the fact that quad bikes are so versatile and used in different ways, it means that a generic policy will not provide sufficient protection so you should speak to a specialist to find the best level of cover for your needs. You do not have to wear a crash helmet in England, Scotland or Wales, but it is recommended.

Off-Road & Agricultural Usage

The rules are less strict if you will not be using the quad bike off-road as you do not need a driving license or tax the vehicle, but it is worth recording the quad bike on the off-road register in case it is stolen. Many people also use quad bikes for agricultural work, in which case you will need to register it as a light agricultural vehicle.

Quad bikes can be good fun and also practical in many cases, but there is often confusion over what is and what is not legal when it comes to riding them. Hopefully, this post will help to clear the matter up and allow you to take the necessary steps to make sure that everything is legal and above board if you plan on riding the bike on the road at all.


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