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Halogen, LED, Laser and Xenon Headlights: Which One Should You Choose

In any kind of transportation, lights are very important. They are the ones that guide the driver especially in darker places and situations. Ever tried driving at night without any kind of lights? It can be a little creepy let alone dangerous. If you’re lucky, you are driving under city lights and all you need to do is avoid the police. Don’t do this though, as this is illegal. Yikes!

You may also be driving from state to state and without any headlights, you are in danger of hitting something in the dark. You may even see things that are not supposed to be there because of the darkness. You may never know the things hiding underneath the veil of the night. Learn more about driving at night by clicking this guide.

Anyway, there are a lot of options for headlights. On this list are the options that you can take for your car’s lights if you want to change to another kind of bulb. Each of these have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages so check them out to see which one you would like:


If you have an older model, chances are you have halogen lights. These have been in use for so many years now, ever since the dawn of the new millennia. Halogen lights are still quite common these days as they are cheaper than newer alternatives like xenon and LED. However, they are really easy and affordable to replace. You can even do it on your own as long as you have the proper tools and equipment. You can also get this at any car accessory stores or even home improvement shops. However, one of the drawbacks of halogen lights is their battery consumption as it can use up a lot of your battery in a short period of time.


Xenon HID, on the other hand, is more common for newer models. They are much more efficient in lighting up your vehicle compared to the halogen lights. They are also common with luxury vehicles because it looks sleek and brighter than other lights. It doesn’t heat up as well, making it a safer alternative to halogen lights. It also lasts longer and consumes less battery life. However, xenon headlights need to be accustomed before you can use it really well. Once it has adjusted to the surroundings, it produces a bright light that is really useful but not as bright as the newer types of bulbs. If your car already has halogen lights, you can always change it using a HID conversion kit. However, there are certain nuances before you can do the conversion process.



LED lights are becoming more popular these days as more people see this as a better alternative than xenon and halogen. One of the key features of LED lights is their longevity as it even lasts longer than xenon lights. They also produce a white light that is brighter than other bulbs. However, you will usually see LED lights with smaller electronics like computers and cellphones to light up the screens. In the road, LED lights are still quite rare. If you want to have you car’s lights replaced with LED, you need to change some of your car’s systems in order to incorporate these lights. On the other hand, it uses less of your battery life without dimming your headlights.


Laser lights are the new thing for new luxury car models since it looks even better than xenon lights. These lights also use up less battery than LED lights without compromising brightness and color. In fact, it is even brighter than LED lights. This is supposed to be the future of headlights, and the future looks great. It doesn’t even affect the other driver’s sight as its brightness does not affect vision. However, it is still quite expensive to install and only those with luxury brand cars like Audi and Porsche have these lights. Learn more about laser lights here:

Depending on your needs, there is certainly a headlight for you. Always remember though: most of the time, the more expensive the equipment is the better it will be once used. Always look for manufacturers that produce quality products with warranty so that you are safe and secure with your purchase.


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