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How to Choose a Tonneau Cover

mods Does your truck need a tonneau cover? It’s among the most crucial truck accessories due to the weather protection, security, and convenience it offers to drivers.

There is an impressive selection of designs, such as hard-rolling, soft-rolling, hard-folding, soft-folding, retractable, caps, and lids. The right design depends on the items drivers carry in the beds of their pick-ups, as well as the way in which they use their trucks.

We hope the tips below assist you in choosing the best tonneau cover.

Look for the right type and style

Tonneau covers are mainly divided into two types, soft and hard. Soft models are made from vinyl so as to be lightweight. Conversely, hard models are made of more durable materials like aluminum, which explains their level of security. In terms of style, they are available as rolling, folding, and retractable models, as well as lids and caps. Read more interesting facts about aluminum.

For instance, soft-rolling tonneau covers provide pick-up drivers with multiple benefits, such as convenience and full access to the bed of these vehicles. They are similar to carpets, as you can roll them up to the front of the vehicle. Families use them to keep their groceries dry after going shopping, as well as for securing basic types of cargo. Having full access to the bed also allows drivers to haul recreational vehicles.

In contrast, hard-rolling tonneau covers feature the same convenience as their soft-rolling variants, as they operate in the same manner. The only difference is the reinforcement of the cover with aluminum over the vinyl base. Despite the rugged construction, these models have an innovative design by featuring a cable release on the sides of the truck.

Another great choice of tonneau cover for families is the soft-folding model, as it protects different kinds of cargo from flying out of the vehicle. It’s folded up in three sections, easy to install and remove. The installation process takes no longer than five minutes and requires no tools. In contrast, hard-folding models provide much greater security, which makes them super strong and capable of holding as many as 600 pounds of weight.


Moreover, there are quad-folding tonneau covers, which are an excellent choice for individuals who need access to the full bed of their trucks. They offer not just flexibility but also a high level of security, which is a must when transporting furniture and keeping your tools secure. Go here,, to find out how to install a tonneau cover.

Retractable tonneau covers, on the other hand, are slightly different from the rolling models. They aren’t rolled on the top of the vehicle but into a canister located in the bed. The retractable models are perfect for individuals who open and close the beds of their trucks rather frequently. The only downside would be the little space amount taken up by the canister.

Hard lids offer another way for truck drivers to protect their cargo during transport. These lids can be custom-made to comply with the color of your vehicle. They provide superior security and excellent water resistance. Conversely, caps, otherwise known as camper shells, are ideal for the transportation of camping gear, such as firewood and sleeping bags.

Consider installation

The installation procedure is specific for different types of tonneau covers. Some models are harder to install than others, such as the hard-hinged variants. They are heavier and larger than their retractable and roll-up variants, meaning you need to find another person to assist you with the installation.

Look for the right brand

The number of tonneau cover manufacturers is extensive, which makes the choice of brand relatively challenging. There is a variety of tonneau covers, such as the bakflip MX4 best price model, which come with good warranties. Buyers are advised to conduct research by searching for online reviews and asking friends for recommendations. The main factor to pay attention to is the quality of the product, as quality is what matters the most when buying such a truck accessory.

A final note

Such an accessory is what every truck driver needs.

Make sure you select the best style and brand to ensure proper protection for your cargo!


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