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Petrolhead Christmas Gift Suggestions

Now, for some reason which I do not understand, it has been said that I am hard to buy presents for. I cannot imagine why. I like cars, I like guitars. There are a million things that can be appropriate presents for such a chap or chapess. So why do I still get given socks? It makes no sense to me.

Forgetting guitars for the time being, let’s think about presents for a car-lover, or for that matter motorbike-lover, lorry-lover, etc., etc. I do not propose to name names of particular products in this piece, I’m sure you can all use Google, but let’s have a think about just a few of the myriad possibilities for the petrolhead in your life. I guarantee you will get more appreciation on Christmas morning for these things rather than after-shave. Here's just a few suggestions.

(You will have to check that he/she hasn’t already got these things in some cases, though to be honest there are items mentioned that you can’t have too many of… and I myself always like a spare!)

xmas Tyre Pressure gauge. Not one of those naff pencil ones, nor in my opinion the newer electronic ones, but a nice old fashioned round gauge in a rubber mount. So much more satisfying to use and quite likely more accurate.
xmas Tyre Inflators. Having found your pressures are low, you need to sort that out, so either an old fashioned foot pump, or an electric inflator will save you messing about (and paying) on a garage forecourt.
xmas Headlights. It’s quite a fashion to have an upgrade to your headlights. Halogen lights are still quite common these days as they are cheaper than newer alternatives like Xenon and LED. You might like to discover if your loved one has any ambitions in this direction.
xmas Polishing stuff. You can’t have enough cleaning and polishing products. However, I would recommend pushing the boat out a bit. In my experience the more expensive lines are worth having, I have tried lots over the years, but the costly stuff may actually work out (and indeed work) better. Look out for the word Carnauba.
xmas A Polisher. Polishing is quite hard work. I quite like it actually, I think it helps bond you with your car. But an electric polisher would be nice, there are millions to choose from, best to check the pads are easily available to replace.
xmas Wheel Cleaner. Nobody likes to see dirty alloy wheels, you paid for 'em, make 'em look shiny. Plus, if they start to corrode, it's and expensive business to get them looking nice again, so using a wheel cleaning kit and some good quality alloy cleaner is a good idea. As with polish, I'd get the pricy stuff, I'm convinced it works better.
xmas Car Mats. Probably a bit of research needed here to ensure they will fit, but upgrading your mats to maybe thick rubber ones is a great idea, may even pay off at the end of the day as when you resell the vehicle worn to death carpets are a dead giveaway.
xmas Steering Locks. How odd it is that after a massive improvement in car security in recent times we seem to have taken a backward step with the latest technology, whereby thieves can steal your remote unlocking code and just drive your car off. Maybe time to revert to old school and buy a steering lock, ugly things, but if it stops the thieves – happy days.
xmas Battery Chargers. You never know when you need one, but when you need one, you really need one. So there’s the standard chargers to choose from, and/or a trickle charger. I recently bought the latter to add to my proper charger and it’s really good for cars that don’t get used much. You don’t need to disconnect the battery before charging, just leave it trickling away for a few days and your battery is in tip top condition, ready for action.


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