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Safety Tips for Modern Cars

Keeping your car in tip-top condition is important to any car owner. No one enjoys being faced with an unexpected bill when something happens to their vehicle. With winter upon us, your car is facing more adversity than ever; colder and wetter weather making roads slippery and impacting your vehicle in multiple different ways, as well as less sunlight giving thieves more time to plan their methods. So, how do you go about protecting your vehicle in these coming months? If you have found yourself asking this question and don’t know where to start, we have some helpful suggestions below, to ensure your car is kept safe.

Check Over the Engine

This should be completed regularly anyway, but is especially important in the colder months, for the weather can impact the way that your car engine is working. Ensure that your oil and fuel levels are up to scratch; with the optimum level of fluid in the tank, this minimises the opportunity for moisture to enter the system and freeze up when temperatures drop. When something like this happens, your cars fuel system experiences damage, which can often by costly to fix. By doing something like this, will ensure that your cars fuel system remains in top condition for these winter months, you don’t want to get caught out!

Furthermore, giving your car battery the once over is also vitally important; your car cannot run if the battery is dead. Cold weather can have some implications on a car battery, so it is best to ensure that it is in full working order, and that you look after it as best as possible. To tackle these problems head on while on-the-go, having a spare battery and fuel can in your car will ensure that you have a fighting chance of solving any of these problems, while away from home. Ensuring the continued safety of the internal workings of your vehicle, will ensure that it is continually safe to drive, and will not be putting you, your family or other road users at risk.

Consider Where You Are Parking

It is not just the internal factors of a car that must be considered when monitoring the safety of your car. Outside factors such as where you are parking your car are paramount to ensuring the continued safety of your beloved car. With winter months comes less daylight, giving crafty criminals more opportunity to undertake their plans. Parking your car on your driveway or in your garage is, of course, the safest option out there, and makes it a lot harder for thieves to steal your car. If you are not the owner of either of those things, all hope is not lost. Ensure that your car is parked in a well-lit area as close to your property as allowed, and has adequate security fitted, such as car locks.

If you are concerned about the security system that your car possesses, consider upgrading your present locks with a vehicle system provided by the likes of 3D Auto Keys. These vehicle security systems are designed with durability, robustness and ease-of-use in mind, so are perfect for all vehicle owners, whether commercial or personal use, these are a great investment for keeping your vehicle safe and on the road. These specific locks have been said to have had a positive impact on the number of vehicle thefts, with criminals not able to get past them. While most cars have security systems equipped already, car owners could also replace the locks with more durable options such as these; you don’t need to use the ones that your car came with if you feel safer changing them.

For further security deterrents, and to stop criminals from targeting your vehicle, ensure that any valuables or belongings that are in the car are out of site. Storing sat-navs in the glove compartment, ensuring that spare keys, mobile phones and other items are taken and kept safely in the house is also worth doing.

Spare Items

I’m certain that we have all been in a position where we have misplaced our phone, car keys, wallet, you name it! So, what do you do in this situation if you need to be somewhere and you can’t find your car keys? Do you have replacement car keys? If you don’t, this is something which needs rectifying; it is always helpful to have spare car keys in a safe space in your home. It is also worth keeping a key which does not require a battery, just in case the electric car key breaks and you need to get the key battery replacement done, and still be able to use your car. The same can be said for spare tyres. Having a spare tyre in your car at all times is important in case of any accidents, while having one in your garage or shed is also handy.


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