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The Latest Trends in In-Car Entertainment

It is time to recognise the fact; our cars are changing. Not the one you currently own, but the future of our vehicles is rushing towards us fast. Self-driving cars will be the new normal. Perhaps not tomorrow, but vehicles, where we are only passengers, will likely be here in a few short years.

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Current State of In-Car Entertainment

Not only are cars changing, but we are also changing how we interact with them. In-car entertainment is also changing. Gone are the days when we had the radio to make our ride more enjoyable. Nowadays, computers have become more sophisticated. Car manufacturers can implement them further into our vehicles with more interactive features. Today, all new cars have at least an in-built GPS and a rearview camera depending on the price bracket.

Many new cars have in-built screens in the car seats for the passengers in the back enabling them to watch films. We can connect our smartphones to the car and access our playlists, and so much more.

Future of In-Car Entertainment

Soon enough, self-driving cars will take care of us on the roads. With no need to keep our eyes peeled for dangers as we drive ourselves, we will likely become bored. Smartphones are a good source of entertainment. We can watch YouTube, read up on the news or play mobile games. Or we try our luck at an online casino; has a good selection to choose from. In the future, our car will have big enough screens for us to do all these things and keep our phone in our pocket.

Predicting how the future will look is always a fun exercise. With parts of the future in close reach, at least a few predictions might prove correct very soon.

Let’s take a look at some popular suggestions for our vehicles that we could see soon.

Predictions That Might Come True

Among the anticipated features that could be added, we expect the IVI system (in-vehicle infotainment). This system would bring a range of possibilities. Such as reserving a place at a parking lot. Preordering other services before arriving at a destination.
All without using your mobile phone.

Better Screens - More Games and Films

Yes, once self-driving cars are the norm we can expect the screens for our vehicles to grow larger. Providing a better way for us to watch both full feature films, YouTube and even series on Netflix on the go. This might yet prove to be a form of premium service. If this is the case, that will no doubt become clearer as we move closer to a future with autonomous vehicles on our streets.

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Various gaming industries view this new potential market with great interest as well. Playing video games could also be something that we will do in our cars. Rather than sitting at home playing on our phones or computer, we could play in more interactive ways. There is even talk about multiplayer games using V2V connectivity. How vehicle to vehicle connections would work in practice remain to be seen. The required technology is already available from what we can tell. The problem, or challenge that remains for car manufacturers and technology companies is simply to piece the puzzle together.

Alexa Or Siri As Chauffeurs?

Smart homes are already popular with virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. It might not be long until they will join us in our cars as well. Once self-driving cars become available on a larger scale, smart virtual assistants we already know and love could keep us company. More personalised, virtual companions could also become available. As is the case with our mobile phones, our cars could soon be an even stronger tool for us to express our personalities.


The latest trends in in-car entertainment focus more on things that still lie in our future. Our technology is developing fast. Depending on how quickly car manufacturers adapt, many new features for in-car entertainment is already on their way. Enjoying music remains one of the most popular entertainment categories for car rides to this date. But that is certain to change soon.

Self-driving vehicles will provide us with greater freedom. Allowing us to do a lot more on the go. Shopping, gaming, watching the news, films or our favourite series or even working from our car. Imagine, finishing the last details on a presentation for work while commuting comfortably in your car. Knowing that your car will get you to your destination without depending on your driving.


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