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Top Accessories for Your Classic Sports Car

sky Classic vehicles are pieces of art, but they are also pieces of work. They require substantial maintenance, cleaning, and care, and people do it all because people love them. To make your job of maintaining and getting the most out of your vehicle even better, this list of the top accessories you’ll need for your classic sports car is exactly what you need.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

Interior detailing requires ongoing maintenance, and not just to keep it looking sharp. Redoing the detailing of your vehicle can be very expensive, and due to the advanced age of your classic car, the material will be weaker, either due to age or wear, or both.

A great upholstery and carpet cleaner, like Simoniz, works to remove stains and odours and also works deeply into fabric and carpet. If your interior seats are made of leather, then you’ll need a leather cleaner to clean and maintain your interior.

Tyre Cleaner

There is tyre gel that works to easily clean, dry, and protect the rubber so that it continues to offer that high-gloss, wet look common with new wheels. A beautifully waxed and cleaned car shouldn’t be let down by its tyres. With this cleaner, you’ll be able to better protect it from mud, dirt, and debris.

Anti-Fog and Rain Repel

Fogging and misting can be a huge issue if your classic vehicle gets damp, but a great way to avoid this issue outright is with anti-fog solution. Not only can you use it to keep your windows from fogging, but you can also use it indoors in your bathroom. As it can result in a slight haze, use on your rear window and test before putting it on your front window.

Wax and Microfibre Pads

Keep your vehicle sparkling with quality detailing wax and a microfibre cloth. Though you should always test waxes before you commit, a mixture of Carnauba and Montan is a great option to get started, as it works to create a water contact angle to keep water off your vehicle.

Car Number Plates

Personalised and custom car number plates are the best accessory for your vehicle. It helps them stand out even more, adds to a great look, and can be an excellent gift for the sports enthusiast in your life or for yourself.

A Steering Wheel Lock

Your classic car is worth a pretty penny, and most of that cost falls on you. It’s hard to find a great condition classic car, and the amount of work you will put into that car makes it priceless. Keep it safe and secure when out on the street with a steering wheel lock.

Impact Wrench

Make it easy to switch out your tyres with an impact wrench to go alongside your axel. This impact wrench makes it quick work to remove or adjust wheel nuts. Make sure you remove and replace any corroded fixings and more with a high-powered impact wrench that plugs directly into the 12V socket.

There are many great tools that will make it easier and more effective to care for your car, as well as great accessories to make it feel more like your car. Treat yourself this season, or treat a loved one.


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