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Triumph GT6 - BBH 7K - Found after 11 years!

Eleven years ago I had an idea for a web site, and DriveArchive is it. The concept was simple, just whatever did happen to cars I owned years ago once I'd sold them? It's not like I'd owned a string of fabulous cars at that time, but I had enjoyed some of them, and as some were classic British sports cars I thought they might just have survived to the present day.

Much beloved among my small collection was a MG Midget, a Triumph TR7 and surprisingly a Ford Fiesta XR2. But more than all of them was a Triumph GT6 Mk3. I owned this car a long time, and became intimately involved with it, as at one point I stripped it apart, rust proofed it, and put it all back together again.

So, it was in no small part down to a desire to discover the fate of this very car that I made the site. Imagine my delight, therefore, to discover that the car did indeed still exist, as a picture of it turned up on Flickr. And then out of the blue I received an email from a fine chap called Steve Pace, who has the vehicle now. Mission Accomplished!

Apparently a friend saw the car on eBay, bought it and has loaned it to Steve. It lives now in North Yorkshire, and might be spotted on regular runs over to Cumbria. Clearly it has changed a bit since 'my day', but the core car is still there. And the 'Viper' paint job looks amazing! Steve is working to restore the car to its former glory, so if you happen to have any nice GT6 spare parts, let me know and maybe we can do something. The dash needs returning to the original wooden version I enjoyed, for example.

Steve has sent me some pictures, which are really for my enjoyment, but I thought I'd share with everyone. (click his shots for a bigger version)

So, any further encouragement required for you to participate in the DriveArchive project? It's worked for me and made me a happy man!


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