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Dangerous Roads; the UK's Top 10

There are many dangerous roads in the world, such as Bolivia's North Jungas Road (aptly nicknamed; "the road of death") with its lack of crash barriers, high altitude and narrow stretches, right through to the beautiful but deadly Sichuan Highway in China.

The UK has its fair share of dangerous roads too, but you might be surprised to hear that it isn't our congested motorways that are the most dangerous to traverse.

In fact, it's the A roads that carry the highest risk of injury or fatality; they might be some of the most scenic drives this country has to offer but they are also the least safe, with many a blind corner or junction hidden away and waiting to surprise the unsuspecting driver.

So let's take a look at the top 10 most dangerous roads the UK has to offer:

  1. A537 (Macclesfield - Buxton) – A beautiful but deadly 12km stretch of road which traverses the Peak district between Cheshire and Derbyshire. Made dangerous by; severe bends, steep drops, dry stone wall edging and heavy goods vehicles.
  2. A255 (Margate – Ramsgate) – An 8km stretch of dangerous road with 22 junctions and a high level of injury in particular for pedestrians/cyclists in the last few years. This is also a road bikers should be wary of and definitely worth a slow run to get your bearings and make you aware of any hazards.
  3. A62 (M62 J27 – A6110) – A 65km stretch of road between Manchester and Leeds which crosses the Pennines making for spectacular views. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security though, with its 44 junctions, poor road surfacing and blind corners, it's most definately one of the UK's most deadly roads.
  4. A621 (A619 - Totley) – A 9km stretch with 12 collisions reported in the space of 2 years (between 2006 – 2008) and with further reports of a number of accidents in the meantime. Due to the high number of HGV's and rush hour traffic that travels down this stretch of road, it can get very congested
  5. A5025 (Llanfairpwllgwyngyll – Valley, Anglesey) – A 53km stretch of road on the island of Anglesey in Wales, one of the larger roads on the island and well used, its verges are dotted with many floral tribute spots, attesting to its dangerous nature. With a limited number of safe places to overtake on this road, and a speed limit which is too high in places, accidents on this stretch of road have been rife over the years.
  6. A675 (Bolton) – A 7km stretch of road but dangerous none-the-less; the single lane carriageway has seen a decrease in accidents over the last few years but still remains one of the most dangerous short stretches of road in the country.
  7. A5004 (Whaley Bridge – Buxton) – A 12km stretch of road which had 24 accidents in one particularly bad 6 year period and with accidents still continuing on a fairly regular basis. It runs through the Peak District National Park, making it particularly scenic but with sharp bends in places and occasional straying livestock; make sure you keep your eyes on the road instead of the scenery.
  8. A285 (A27 – Petworth) – A 19km stretch of road, responsible for 38 crashes between 2003 and 2008 alone. A fast moving road with twisty sections, tight bends and blind junctions, which can be a treacherous road for the unfamiliar motorist.
  9. A5012 (A515 – A6) – A 15km stretch of road with a high number of accidents and fatalities over the last decade, a large number of which involved pedestrians or cyclists. A narrow road with many twists and turns and bordered by trees which make it hazardous for those for don’t stick to the signed speed limits.
  10. A54 (Congleton – Buxton) – A 24km stretch of road (and one of a number of dangerous roads within Derbyshire). Forming part of the "Cat and the Fiddle" network (along with parts of the A537), it's a picturesque drive but the single lane carriageway can be treacherous for those who don't know the area.


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