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Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Classic Car

classic cars Many people own a classic car for the simple joy of it, but there are others who think closely about the value of their car and the best ways of maintaining this over time. If you are concerned about your vehicle keeping its price tag, there are a few areas that you need to bear in mind closely. Here are some of the top ways of maintaining the value of your classic car.

Keep it Clean

While it may seem like an obvious point to begin with, keeping your car clean is a great starting point when ensuring that your vehicle maintains its value. If you let dirt, dust and debris accumulate over time, this can cause a whole host of issues such as rust, chipped paint, and even impaired performance. When you have washed your car, you also need to rinse it down properly. This helps to get rid of soap scum and stops water marks. After all of this has been done, you can then add a coat of wax to give it a nice shine. If you would like to, another good option is to have the job done professionally.

Avoid Making Modifications

If you are looking to sell your car or are considering logbook loans at some point, you should avoid making modifications to your vehicle. This is simply down to the fact that your car is classic for a reason, and people are more likely to want it in its original condition. While the mods may feel interesting in the short term, you are likely to regret them when attempting a resale.

Keep it Original

When repairs need to be made, you should try to get your hands on the original parts. While this may be more of an effort, it is worth it in the long run. There is a huge group of people who deal with classic cars, so you are better off having repairs done by people who know what they are doing rather than simply outsourcing them to anybody. If you use a modern part in a classic car, it is more than likely that the overall value will be impacted in a negative way.

Conduct Regular Maintenance

Since classic cars are older, they are more likely to suffer from maintenance issues. Therefore, you do not want to skimp on these. If you do, you will be more likely to take a bigger hit on the resale value when they buyer realises that adequate care has not been taken of the car in the way that it should have been.

Store it Properly

Proper storage is important – particularly in areas where weather conditions are more extreme. Not only can mechanical problems be an issue, but rust and fading can also occur. Also, if you live in a more high-risk area with regard to theft, you are better off keeping the car away from any prying eyes of potential thieves. Proper storage might also be a condition of your insurance policy. It’s worth checking.


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