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Which Is Better Campervan Or Motorhome

campervan Holiday and camping options including campervans, motorhomes, and recreational vehicles (RVs) can be used interchangeably by many people. However, the campervans are different from motorhomes. You should understand the subtle and profound differences of the options to make the best choice when you are looking for a home "wherever you park your vehicle". Your "rolling holiday home" can be rented or purchased at a more affordable cost nowadays as many new companies have entered the segment and have made the market more competitive.

Difference between the Campervans and the Motorhomes

The basic functions served by campervans and the motorhomes remain the same. These vehicles may be a home to you wherever you take them. They may support various daily living activities including sleep, eat, and stay. Read the article and information below to know which of the variants of a rolling home you should pick following your needs and the locations you aim to visit in the vehicle.


Campervans are usually smaller than motorhomes and cost less. While the brand name Volkswagen was earlier associated with campervans, many other new and converted offerings from brands including Ford, Hyundai, and Toyota are also available.

Campervan roof: Camper vans usually have pop-up roofs. These roofs do not have any insulation but can expand to provide you more space inside. However, there are also campervans that have a fixed roof, and which come with insulation. When the roof has insulation, the insides of the Campervan will remain cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters. Campervans maybe around 5m long and therefore can be easily parked in the car spaces. Because the roof barrier is a pop-up type, a Camper van for sale may also fit under the car height barriers (up to 2 meters).

Washroom: a typical campervan may not have a washroom as the space available here is less than that of a motorhome. However, you can still use the toilet tents outside the vehicle for washroom purposes or can use a portable toilet for emergencies. Only some exceptions to this may be found, and some campervans with a longer wheelbase and fixed roofs may come with showers and toilets.


The larger motorhomes may come in a variety of sizes and weights today. However, according to the law and regulations, a motorhome may not have a weight of more than 3500 kgs. Your driving license should also contain the B and E classes when you want to drive a motorhome that has that kind of weight.

Variations in Motorhomes

As stated earlier there can be variations in motorhomes available today

Coach-Type Motorhomes: The coach-type motorhomes may be built and manufactured on the chassis behind the cab. They offer more space and features when compared to the campervans and include the various facilities that you may require. There is enough comfort for a couple of people in this variety of motorhomes, and the low-profile coaches may also have fixed double beds. This variety and type of motorhome will also have a shower and toilet holding tank. However, the tank will be smaller in size and will require regular emptying. It is not a problem at the regular campsites.

Some coach-type motorhomes may be devoid of a rear door. Therefore, you can also place the bike racks at the rear of these motorhomes easily. These smaller varieties of motorhomes offer more fuel economy and are easy to drive

Over-The-Cab Bed Motorhomes: these motorhomes are an improvement over the coach-type motorhomes. The motorhome has a small cabin above the cab. These cabs can be more comfortable and spacious and may have up to 6 berths. A lesser number of travelers would mean more comfort and luxury in this kind of motorhome. The berths can be converted into storage spaces as well.

A-Class Motorhomes: when you think of a motorhome, you are often thinking of the more luxurious A-class motorhomes. These are the bigger varieties of motor homes and are well designed for the job. The motor home can be a luxurious and comfortable space for up to 4 people 24 hours a day.


When you can spend more and must travel with more people, motorhomes can be the best choice. However, when there are only a couple of people to travel and holiday and you don't have to travel long distances, a campervan can be sufficient. You should take a close and personal look at these options and explore the features fully before you make a choice and purchase.


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