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Why You Should Really Visit a Speedometer Shop When Your Device Is Broken


There goes Lightning Pete driving like he owns the road again. Doesn’t he realize that he’s speeding past 80 on a 40 KpH capped area? He’s either nuts or just rude!

These are just some of the few harsh comments you might get from people for driving above speed limits – even if you had no idea about it! Let’s be real men today and talk about real stuff.

Now cars, they are man’s best friend (next to dogs that is). We regard our vehicles just like soulmates and we love spending every minute of the weekend either tinkering or riding them across town. Cars are superb and we all love having one. However, owning a vehicle also comes with great responsibility (read more). It’s not the kind of commitment you take up only to put aside later on.

As a car owner, one of you biggest responsibilities is to keep up with maintenance. A car, no matter how expensive, is still a machine. Just like all machines, they are fragile – they break, get damaged, experience trouble, and other things that require your attention. You can’t buy a car and expect it to run in perfect condition indefinitely.

Many factors affect your four-wheeled friend’s health. For one, there are environmental factors. The change in seasons can really affect how your vehicle runs. In a year, we have a total of four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. These four seasons all have unique characteristics; they also have drastic differences in temperature. If you use your car the whole-year round, it means you’re exposing it to all these environmental changes. This can really wear the external and internal attributes of the vehicle.


Aside from environmental factors, there’s also the issue of distance. How far do you travel with your automobile on a daily basis? If you work two towns over and go home to the same place everyday, the stress and fatigue you bombard your car with will definitely eat away its parts. Remember: We are talking about machines here and machines don’t regenerate by themselves. They don’t recuperate; they get replaced. If you’ve been driving all over the place without ever visiting a maintenance guy, your car is sure to get wasted sometime soon.

Lastly, age is also a factor. A new car typically has a healthy life of 5 years. This means that during this time, the vehicle will show little to no signs of damage. You will experience minimal (if not none) issues and it wouldn’t take too long to fix. However, when an automobile reaches its peak age (which is usually five years) some parts may already start acting up. Maybe it’ll be the wipers or it can be the brakes. Some minor problems will surface and if left unattended, may give rise to even bigger problems. One common issue that comes with a car’s age is speedometer trouble.

What Is A Speedometer?

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? If not, the word speedometer basically breaks down to “speed” and “meter.” This means that it is a device that measures your car’s speed. It’s that circle thingy you see on your dashboard (usually on the middle) along with the gas and temperature meter. The speedometer tells you how fast your vehicle is moving in kilometres per hour. Learn more about them here:

What Happens When A Speedometer Breaks Down?


Many of you might think “Oh, it’s just a speedometer. It’s no big deal.” Well, news flash guys! It is kind of a big deal. The rules of the road exist for a reason and that is to keep us safe. The speedometer plays a very important role in our safety; it basically tells us whether we are going too fast for our own good.

Traffic authorities put up speed limit signs for a reason. It could be that there’s a sharp curve up ahead that’s why you have to reduce your speed to 20 KpH or it could be that the area you’re entering is thickly populated and you need to slow down for everyone’s safety. Without a speedometer, you can’t follow these rules closely and you may end up jeopardizing the safety of the majority. The government does not enforce rules for no reason. Every law is meant to prevent a certain consequence from happening and our job is pretty simple: We just have to make sure we follow it. But how can we follow the rules of the road when our devices are defective?

What Should I Do When I Have A Broken Speedometer?

Why, what else but get it fixed? When we break a bone, we go to a doctor to fix it. When we break a computer, we go to a technician to fix it. When we break a speedometer, we go to a speedometrician to fix it. Nah, I’m kidding. There is no such job title. There are however, speedo repair professionals readily available to look after your device’s issues.

If you don’t know where to find one or how you can get in contact with one exactly, the internet is your friend. You know how everything can be found online? Well, this is a part of that “everything.” There are many neat websites that can help you locate speedometer repair shops near you. While you’re at it, you might want to check out their websites too!


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