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Pick a lane, let's call it Lane #1, and if possible make it the Outside lane of the track.

Count the number of specific track pieces used by that lane, noting in particular on curves whether that lane goes on the inner or outer part of the track.

That's all there is to it, you might be surprised how different in length some tracks can be - so choose your lane carefully!

Code Description How Many? length  
track C8205 Standard Straight 350 350
track C8207 Half Standard Straight 175 175
track C8200 Quarter Standard Straight 87.5 87.5
track C8236 Short Straight 78 78
track C8505 Extra Long Straight 584 584
track C8210 90° Straight Crossover 818 818
track C7036 Digital Straight Crossover 545 545
track C8006 Standard Straight Crossover 355 355
track C178 Standard Straight Chicane 360 360
track C8295 Elevated Track (top and/or bottom) 234 234
Curves Code Description Outer Inner (outer) (inner)
track C8202 Inner Curve 45° (R1) 137 76
track C8278 Half Inner Curve 22.5° (R1) 68.5 38
track C8206 Standard Curve 45° (R2) 260 199
track C8234 Half Standard Curve 22.5° (R2) 130 99.5
track C8529 Double Standard Curve 90° (R2) 520 398
track C8204 Outer Curve 22.5° (R3) 191 161
track C8235 Outer Curve 22.5° (R4) 253 222
track C8201 Hairpin Curve 90° (R1) 240 220
track C8246 Side Swipe Straight 350 360
track C8203 Racing Curve Crossover 90° (R2) 360 360

Please let me know if you disagree with any of the measurements, or if there's a bit of track you have that is missing from the list above,
send me the track lengths and I'll try and sort it out - sadly I don't own every bit of track there is! Contact me here.