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To Submit a Notification, please fill in details below.
To simplify things, there's no need to be logged on to do this, and so you won't be able to edit what you put later on.
If you want to make changes or have it removed, simply email me HERE.
The contact info you may leave below will NOT be visible on the site and will NOT be used for any nefarious purposes.

None of the fields below are compulsory. The objective here is to either notify the world you've seen an abandoned vehicle, or you've somehow lost a vehicle - had it stolen or can't find it in a car park ;-)
So, nothing compulsory, but of course the more information you provide, the more useful this is!

Please note that your submission will not immediately appear on the Notifications page.
I'm sure you'll be aware that the internet is a minefield - and I will need to moderate your entry before allowing it on the page.
I would hope to do this fairly quickly after you submit, within 24 hours.

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