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DriveArchive would really like to have pictures of your vehicles to include on the details pages.

While entering your vehicle details, you'll get the chance to upload a picture easily and quickly.

However, if for some reason this doesn't work you can always email me a picture instead...

There are a few rules I'd like you to observe when submitting pictures.

  1. Just one picture per vehicle.
  2. Please include with the picture(s) the relevant  registration number so I can tie up picture and data. In fact, using the registration number as the file name, e.g. "AB12XYZ.jpg" would be great!
  3. Preferably the picture should be a JPG file
  4. The picture will not exceed 400 pixels in width once on the site, so the smaller the picture you can send the better, uploading large pictures may fail.
  5. Please note that only one picture is allowed per vehicle, though there is no restriction on the height of the image so you could stack several before emailing.

Here is an example of a picture conforming to the above rules.

Huge files can cause email mailbox problems, so please try and keep the size to a minimum.

If you really can't help sending large picture, please do try and keep the size as small as possible. Consider using the Upload feature when entering/editing your vehicle details.

Email a Picture