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The DriveArchive survey is just for fun, a chance to quickly have your say on some motoring related topics.
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Is it just me, or is death too high a price to pay for a crime? Today there is another tragic story in the press where two people were killed in a car accident caused by them trying to escape the police. No doubt many police chases result in the apprehending of criminals, but they also often result in the death of motorists, not always the actual crims, or pedestrians. My feeling is that, though it might be annoying for them not to have a good old chase through housing estates, the police should NOT chase after cars. Let them go, but let them and others live, I say.
Should we ban the police from chasing after (possible) criminals in cars?
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E10 petrol is about to hit our forecourts with a vengeance. This means that I will be forced to buy more expensive fuel for my 24 year old classic, and for my 4 year old non-classic lawn mower. In addition, all those of you with newer cars that can safely use E10 will apparently discover the car does not go as well or as far on the new fuel. I am wondering if this is really progress. Well I am not wondering, I am pretty sure it is not for me personally anyway... yet another knock to the motorist, amazing how they can find all these ways to make motoring less appealing.
Do you agree with the introduction of E10 fuel?
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There are new rules of the road coming along apparently. The Highway Code is to be amended to prioritise pedestrians first, cyclist second and motorists third. Do not get me wrong, I think that the safety of the more vulnerable is a good idea; however I would like to suggest an addition of my own. If motorists are going to be subjected to rules that they must obey or be fined, then why not for pedestrians and cyclists? I know this will place a strain on police as cyclists in particular seem to have no regard for road rules at all. Maybe they would if there was potentially a fine.
Should pedestrians and cyclists face the same level of fines for breaking the Highway Code rules?
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I personally view the move to electric cars with scepticism and some dread. As someone who was persuaded to move from petrol to diesel by the government a few years ago, and am now the subject of vilification for doing so, I am somewhat unimpressed to be coerced to make another change, especially as the eco-credentials of these new cars is questionable from the get go. At the very least I would think a slowdown in introduction of these cars is required to let the technology catch up.
Would you agree that the enforced introduction of battery cars should be slowed down?
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