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On my commute there is a stretch of road up a hill, maybe half a mile long. The local council spent weeks and weeks working on this stretch, causing much disruption, to create a wider path to one side, which is designated now as a path and cycle path. Despite this, people on push bikes (often MAMILs) struggle up this hill NOT using the path but on the road, causing rush hour traffic to often grind to a halt and go at their pace, as the road is quite narrow.
Should there be some form of censure for cyclists who don't use a cycle path when one is provided. Should they be, say, fined? Or perhaps shot?
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I am lucky enough to live in a holiday destination, and so when the summer comes around I am faced with a blight of motorhomes and caravans slowly winding their way to local camp sites - apparently usually lost and causing much disruption. I feel if people are going to be selfish enough to inflict their slow moving lumps of plastic and glass on the rest of us - in order that they can have a good time - there ought to be restrictions. So...
Should there be a ban on motorhomes and caravans driving during daylight hours? They can do what they want at night; just not get in the way during the day.
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Near me there is a roundabout, a normal 4 exit roundabout, but in fact nearly everyone coming in one direction turns left - i.e. takes the first exit. Probably because this is the 'natural' flow of the road there is very little indicating going on. This is infuriating when you're going the other way, and are waiting to get on the roundabout to turn right... you sit there waiting to go, but because hardly anyone bloody indicates you sit there like a lemon.
Should roundabouts all be kitted out with cameras (everywhere else is) and people who don't indicate brought to book?
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There has been a spate of roadworks near me recently that have all followed a similar pattern. A hole appears, and is fenced off, and surrounded by traffic lights. No humans are then visible. The site is left unattended for days. Suddenly men appear, seemingly just fill in the whole - and the entire thing disappears in a matter of hours. So, I propose that if during working hours we as motorists see an unattended set of roadworks, we can photograph it and claim 5 quid from the local council. This, I feel, would encourage them to dig the hole and do the job all in one go, thus saving hundreds of man hours of queueing at traffic lights for the rest of us.
Should there always be someone in attendance at roadworks, and some sort of refund available if not.
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