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There has been a spate of roadworks near me recently that have all followed a similar pattern. A hole appears, and is fenced off, and surrounded by traffic lights. No humans are then visible. The site is left unattended for days. Suddenly men appear, seemingly just fill in the whole - and the entire thing disappears in a matter of hours. So, I propose that if during working hours we as motorists see an unattended set of roadworks, we can photograph it and claim 5 quid from the local council. This, I feel, would encourage them to dig the hole and do the job all in one go, thus saving hundreds of man hours of queueing at traffic lights for the rest of us.
Should there always be someone in attendance at roadworks, and some sort of refund available if not.
agree: 36.2% don't care: 44.7% disagree: 19.1%
Near me there is a roundabout, a normal 4 exit roundabout, but in fact nearly everyone coming in one direction turns left - i.e. takes the first exit. Probably because this is the 'natural' flow of the road there is very little indicating going on. This is infuriating when you're going the other way, and are waiting to get on the roundabout to turn right... you sit there waiting to go, but because hardly anyone bloody indicates you sit there like a lemon.
Should roundabouts all be kitted out with cameras (everywhere else is) and people who don't indicate brought to book?
agree: 25.5% don't care: 44.7% disagree: 29.8%
I am lucky enough to live in a holiday destination, and so when the summer comes around I am faced with a blight of motorhomes and caravans slowly winding their way to local camp sites - apparently usually lost and causing much disruption. I feel if people are going to be selfish enough to inflict their slow moving lumps of plastic and glass on the rest of us - in order that they can have a good time - there ought to be restrictions. So...
Should there be a ban on motorhomes and caravans driving during daylight hours? They can do what they want at night; just not get in the way during the day.
agree: 25.5% don't care: 44.7% disagree: 29.8%
On my commute there is a stretch of road up a hill, maybe half a mile long. The local council spent weeks and weeks working on this stretch, causing much disruption, to create a wider path to one side, which is designated now as a path and cycle path. Despite this, people on push bikes (often MAMILs) struggle up this hill NOT using the path but on the road, causing rush hour traffic to often grind to a halt and go at their pace, as the road is quite narrow.
Should there be some form of censure for cyclists who don't use a cycle path when one is provided. Should they be, say, fined? Or perhaps shot?
agree: 40.4% don't care: 40.4% disagree: 19.1%
They've been resurfacing the roads around these parts recently, as happens every couple of years. They lay down some tar and then put little stones all over it. Then the road, for a time, is a nightmare of flying debris and unexpected slipperiness. They put up signs saying go at 10mph - which of course nobody does, and leave.
Question: Surely we can come up with some way better than this? Is it just me, or is this a bonkers way to fix up a road?
agree: 61.8% don't care: 14.1% disagree: 24.1%
I've had to do a lot of motorway driving recently, unusually for me. I've been attempting to economize, so I've been trying to drive at a steady 70, for mile after mile. It's a total pain to do so. You get stuck in with the lorries, while everyone whizzes past you doing 80+. I reckon it's actually now quite unsafe to go 'so slow'.
Question: Is it not time to give up the 70 limit and move to at least 80?
agree: 42.4% don't care: 19.2% disagree: 38.4%
This site entirely depends on vehicles having registration plates. Without them, it just wouldn't work. Crystal ball gazing, however, there seems a possibility that reg plates might become redundant. The technology to electronically tag, well, everything, is just around the corner.
Question: Do you think that, even if they could be replaced by technology, vehicle registration plates should stay, just to give a tiny bit of personality to your ride?
agree: 49.7% don't care: 19.0% disagree: 31.3%
It has been reported that a large proportion of police speed cameras are now actually out of action. Over half, some say. I think most would agree that they ought to be easily visible, and as a deterrent should stay in place regardless. Let's be honest, they do work, they do slow you down whether they're working or not.
Question: However, to take a bit of stress out of the already stressful business of driving, should they not ALL prominently display the speed limit on them?
agree: 43.5% don't care: 15.9% disagree: 40.7%
Don't get me wrong - I like motorbikes. But that advert on telly where the guy in the car pulls out and the motorcyclist smashes into him... the fantasy part of that is the shot of him when he survives, pootling past at 20mph. I know that the majority of bikes going past my house, in a 40 limit, are going way too fast. No wonder motorists don't see 'em coming.
Question: Bit of balance here? Good idea to have a few more adverts getting motorcyclists to slow down a bit?
agree: 68.6% don't care: 19.6% disagree: 11.8%
Where I live there are two methods being employed to slow traffic down. The first is the sneaky and downright infuriating use of camera vans who can snap you from unexpected places, and everybody hates them. And the second is simply to have a great big sign that flashes at you when you're in a limited zone and going too fast. For me, though it makes no logical sense, the latter is more effective... I slow down every time.
Question: Do those 'toothless' warning signs slow you down too? Be honest, this is an anonymous survey.
agree: 70.6% don't care: 11.8% disagree: 17.6%
I was reading a book about Porsches recently. It pointed out that a very high percentage of Porsche cars are still in existence. This therefore made it a very green car, unlike the more disposable cars who may use less resources when running, but which end up on a scrap heap and therefore need replacing much sooner.
Question: If we're going to be nagged about the green-ness of our choice of car, should the likely life expectancy of the vehicle be taken into account?
agree: 73.0% don't care: 17.6% disagree: 9.3%
In the past few weeks there have been a couple of tragic cases of people killed trying to cross motorways. Let's be honest, trying to run across a motorway is a very stupid thing to do. Kids especially are prone to stupidity, however. There were calls to make it harder for people to gain access to motorways to prevent this kind of thing. Think how hard that would be, and how much that would cost.
Question: Do you think it would be a worthwhile exercise to make access to motorways much harder to try and prevent these accidents?
agree: 41.7% don't care: 19.6% disagree: 38.7%
Near where I live there are several stretches of road where they've dropped the speed limit from a very fair 40 down to a totally stupid 30. You can tell it's daft because (nearly) everyone semi-ignores the new limit, except when the old Bill is about, not because we're law breakers, but because it's plainly daft. You wonder who makes these changes, and why.
Question: There are signs for eveything these days. How about when a speed limit changes, they put up a large sign for a few months explaining themselves?
agree: 61.4% don't care: 22.9% disagree: 15.7%
Abandoned cars. We were wondering if it would be a useful addition to this site to have an Abandoned Vehicle section. If you'd seen one, you could quickly enter its registration and rough location. If you'd had your car pinched then you could look on the list, see if by chance it had ended up in the Outer Hebrides or whereever.
Question: Would an Abandoned Vehicle section enhance this site? (if you think Yes and have any suggestions, let us know)
agree: 70.0% don't care: 15.7% disagree: 14.3%
Formula 1 is great... except it isn't really, is it? Occasionally it's okay, mostly it's dull. And when Schumacher wins (not so often now) it's usually because somehow he comes out of the pits ahead of the guy he had been stuck behind. Those pit stops, exciting(ish) yes, but confusing and not really racing?
Question: Get rid of F1 pit stops. They'd have to actually overtake to win, we'd all know where we were. Agree?
agree: 62.2% don't care: 27.0% disagree: 10.8%
Road congestion. A bad thing all around, it makes the place less safe, less healthy, messes up the planet, messes up your entire day. Can't really solve it by building roads, and nobody wants to lose their car. Working From Home is really good way to reduce it, as the more people who don't drive to work the better it would be. Or, would your working (and domestic) life get messed up by doing what you do (if possible) from home?
Question: Would it be good to really encourage Working From Home to relieve traffic congestion?
agree: 63.5% don't care: 18.9% disagree: 17.6%
Is it me, or is nearly every white van man and small lorry driver you see these days using his mobile phone as he speeds between jobs or deliveries? I was recently nearly run off the road by a lorry carrying a huge mobile home, where the driver was breezing along with just one hand on the wheel, one holding his phone.
Question: Would you like to see even more stringent rules on mobile phone use for people obviously conducting business in this way?
agree: 82.2% don't care: 9.3% disagree: 8.5%
DriveArchive is free to use, however, maybe there should be a price to pay for searching out your old vehicle. If the price were simply that you had to enter at least one vehicle of your own, would that be reasonable?
Question: Do you agree that entering a vehicle is a fair price for unlimited use of this site?
agree: 66.1% don't care: 22.9% disagree: 11.0%
MotoGP bike racing is now considerably more exciting to watch than F1, even though this season it is dominated by one rider, Rossi. There's a lot of overtaking, and a sense of danger to the riding. F1 could learn a lot from MotoGP.
Question: Would you like to see rule changes in F1 that limited not speed, but width, which would surely help overtaking?
agree: 38.1% don't care: 44.1% disagree: 17.8%
People seem remarkably incapable of signalling correctly at roundabouts. As we've got this wonderful camera technology these days, maybe pointing them at roundabouts and recording the numbers of non-signallers would help.
Question: Would you like to see cameras at roundabouts recording signalling 'offences'?
agree: 36.4% don't care: 23.7% disagree: 39.8%
DriveArchive has thousands of pictures of vehicles in the database. Trouble is, I'm running out of web space, so something needs to be done. Currently the maximum size of picture is 400 pixels wide. To reduce space I could change this to 300 pixels. This would halve file sizes, so, twice as many pictures.
Question: Would slightly smaller pictures on DriveArchive be acceptable?
agree: 52.2% don't care: 27.5% disagree: 20.3%
There has been a lot of moaning about off-road vehicles that never go off road and are used only as shopping trollies and for the school run. My only moan is that I can't afford one and if I could I couldn't afford to run it! Is this a justifiable target for abuse. The majority of these cars are at least in top working order, if I wanted to pick on some group of cars I think I'd go for old overloaded vans billowing smoke, dented at every corner, with no safety features evident and lunatic at the wheel.
Question: Do you agree that there's nothing wrong with having an off-roader and not going off road?
agree: 42.0% don't care: 26.1% disagree: 31.9%
Most people would agree that Formula 1 racing is not as exciting as it used to be. It seems like entire races can go by without any overtaking to speak of. We want speed, we want excitement, so we want danger... but we don't want to see the drivers hurt. So, take the best F1 designers, make the best car possible, make it safe and fast, then make 24 of them and hand them out to the drivers. Then we'd see who was really the best driver.
Question: For say just one season, how about we make Formula 1 a race between drivers in identical cars, to see who really is the best?
agree: 68.1% don't care: 17.4% disagree: 14.5%
The laws on mobile phone usage while driving appear to be getting tougher. Fair enough. I was nearly t-boned the other day by a huge lorry carrying a static caravan, where the driver was, I think, texting! Anyway... I've also seen people totally distracted trying light their fags while driving, shouldn't ANY activity that stops you looking at where you're going be outlawed?
Question: Should lighting up cigarretes or fiddling with your SatNav incur the same penalties as mobile phone use while driving?
agree: 50.7% don't care: 15.9% disagree: 33.3%
The entry of vehicles into the DriveArchive database is currently free of any rules. I.e., for example, you don't have to have actually owned the vehicles you enter. Does anyone object to this? I admit my initial concept for the site was that in the majority of cases it would indeed be ex and current owners who would enter the data, but maybe it doesn't matter, just the more data there is, the better the site will work.
Question: There should be no rules governing the entry of vehicles into the archive. Agree?
agree: 41.9% don't care: 16.1% disagree: 41.9%
Formula Woman is a fairly entertaining show that's been a part ITV's Speed Sunday recently. It seems odd to me, though, that it should be just for Women. Would it not have been better to have the competition open to anyone, (OK maybe encourage the girls to enter, or make it 50/50), and then get to the winner simply on merit. Is this sort of show not perpetuating the whole sexist thing?
Question: A TV show like Formula Women doesn't really help the cause of women in motor sport. Agree?
agree: 22.6% don't care: 45.2% disagree: 32.3%
Today's fancy expensive cars that you see on Top Gear always seem to have a great big computer display thingy stuck in the middle of the dash. Surely using these things on the move is a potentially fatal distraction to the driver? You can't use a phone but you can use a computer? Huh?
Question: Should the use (by the driver, while driving) of central dashboard gizmos be banned?
agree: 38.7% don't care: 22.6% disagree: 38.7%
I'm not sure about the laws governing making a mess on public highways, but it seems to me that the you ought to be heavily prosecuted for making the surface of a road very slippy and dangerous. Yet in rural areas you are always coming across muddy bits of road which could be, and probably are, lethal - especially given a drop of rain.
Question: Maybe the police would be making driving safer by keeping an eye on road surface abuse rather than getting so picky about speed limits?
agree: 64.5% don't care: 22.6% disagree: 12.9%
Searching for vehicles in DriveArchive is quite simple and straightforward. You can search by registration number, or by manufacturer/model or vehicle type. Searching could (optionally) be much more complex, bringing in such things as age, colour, geographical area, owner, mileage etc. But would there be any point to this?
Question: Would you like there to be more advanced searching options in DriveArchive?
agree: 40.5% don't care: 45.9% disagree: 13.5%
Speed cameras. They may be a right pain, but maybe they do sort of work. But the truly galling bit, surely, is where the fine money goes. It goes into the coffers of the coppers, and they spend it on... erm, well, who knows? So, wouldn't it be better if the cash generated from speeding offences went somewhere better?
Question: Would it improve the way you feel about the police generally if speeding fines went straight to, say, Children in Need?
agree: 51.4% don't care: 16.2% disagree: 32.4%
I very much enjoy Martin Brundell's commentary on Formula 1 races, and his pre race walk along the grid is usually fun, just to see how rude he can be in order to 'get his man'. However, maybe a softer approach would work better. So...
Question: Would the lovely Suzi Perry be a more effective interviewer on the F1 grid, as she does for motorcycling?
agree: 37.8% don't care: 37.8% disagree: 24.3%
People with caravans, a selfish bunch? Just because they want to take their living space with them on holiday, I have to spend my day off stuck behind them, getting increasingly irate. So, how about we make them travel at night?
Question: Should we ban caravans from at least A and B roads during the day?
agree: 40.5% don't care: 29.7% disagree: 29.7%
DriveArchive is nearly two years old, and is a free-to-use site. However, it costs money to run, and the small number of affiliate adverts do not cover the bills. It may be necessary to make a very small charge to keep the site going. We're thinking of maybe five pounds for lifetime membership.
Question: If there were to be a small charge for using DriveArchive, would you consider paying it?
agree: 39.1% don't care: 13.0% disagree: 47.8%
Speed Sunday, the new motorsport programme on ITV. Lasted 2 hours or so, but I taped it and managed to watch the actual motorsport content in about half an hour. And that bit was basically the normal WRC coverage. Day-time TV does motorsport, surely not a good idea, way too much yacking.
Question: Do you agree that TV motorsport ought to show actual racing, and not a lot of folks sitting on settees?
agree: 67.4% don't care: 23.9% disagree: 8.7%
Is it not blindingly obvious (ho ho) that drivers should have regular eyesight tests to maintain their driving license? And that the interval between tests should decrease as age increases, until it's on a yearly basis? It wouldn't require a huge effort to turn up somewhere, read a distant numberplate and be allowed to continue driving. I see so many drivers who clearly cannot see where they're going.
Question: Should there be a regular eyesight test to maintain your driving license?
agree: 80.4% don't care: 10.9% disagree: 8.7%
Seems to me that though it's illegal (I think) everyone has started undertaking on motorways these days. The Americans do it, I understand, and as long as everyone knows what's going on, it might make motorways flow a bit better. And you'd be able to get past those idiots hogging the middle lane.
Question: Should there be a change to the highway code allowing for undertaking on motorways?
agree: 41.3% don't care: 8.7% disagree: 50.0%
DriveArchive is all about vehicles, and not much currently about their owners. We've had some requests asking if all the vehicles belonging to a single contributor could be viewed, i.e. that you could look at someone's entire 'collection'.
Question: would you like to be able to see all the vehicles entered by a contributor? Would you like people to be able to see all of YOUR vehicles?
agree: 62.3% don't care: 23.1% disagree: 14.6%
Jeremy Clarkson, lovely bloke, buys his mother flowers and all that. But his Top Gear 'Cool Wall' - is he generally right or wrong in his opinions? Remembering at all times that he's not talking about how GOOD the cars are, just how COOL.
Question: Generally speaking do you Agree or Disagree with Jeremy's view on the coolness of cars?
agree: 27.7% don't care: 36.2% disagree: 36.2%
An old question but one that I've always thought was worthy of discussion. If today's road tax was collected not by a yearly lump some but by a small percentage on the cost of fuel, wouldn't that be fairer? The more miles you do, the more you contribute to the upkeep of the roads, and if you're a low user, then you contribute less.
Question: Wouldn't it be fairer to collect road tax from the price of fuel rather than a yearly sum that everyone pays, regardless of annual mileage?
agree: 76.9% don't care: 3.8% disagree: 19.2%
On a recent trip I made from North Wales to the Midlands, I experienced bad weather, very heavy M6 traffic and the general mayhem of city driving. The nearest I got to having an accident during these 350 odd miles of motoring, however, was when some twit a few cars in front of me suddenly saw he was passing a mobile police speed trap, braked hard and virtually stopped moving altogether as he went past. This caused quite a few cars behind to brake very heavily, just missing each other. So...
Question: Should there be a fine of equal magnitude to those going OVER the speed limit for those going (with no good excuse) significantly UNDER the speed limit, in the presence of a speed trap?
agree: 55.4% don't care: 20.8% disagree: 23.8%