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Registration Number: JBY 137K
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Reliant
Model: Scimitar SE5a
Category: Classic Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1972
Owned From: 20/02/04
Owned To:
Mileage: 75100
Colour(s): Blue
Current Location: England
Owners Club:
Web Site:
Record Entered: 08/05/2005 DVLA Info
Last Updated: 04/01/2007
Submitted by: Don Kennedy
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First Joined: 08/05/2005
Vehicles Contributed: 1
Notes: If anyone has any information or History I would love to know. I know it started life in the Croydon area, then went to the east coast for a short while then went to Welsh/English border for many years until I "Found" it. Contact me at
Fate: Rescued from a Barn in Hereford February 2004. Spent the rest of 2004 and half of 2005 doing what is required mechanically and electrically to make it as reliable as possible. 2006 was the year it was painted and the interiour sorted. See . It is used as a daily driver.
Accolades: The Scimitar was the "Star Car" of January 2007 in Pratical Classic Magazine. Have a look at my Web Site for more details.
JBY 137K


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