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Registration Number: KGK 544D
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Ford
Model: Corsair
Type: 1700 V4 Deluxe Auto
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: April 1966
Owned From: April 2008
Owned To: July 2009
Mileage: 75,669
Colour(s): White
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
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Record Entered: 03/07/2008
Last Updated: 07/03/2014
Submitted by: Steve Shaw
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Locale: Rochdale Lancs.
First Joined: 12/11/2002
Vehicles Contributed: 20
Notes: I acquired this car in April 2008.
It had been stood for almost 13 years, with very little effort though the car started, but the brakes are seized. The bodywork, chrome and interior however are in really good condition. It is currently undergoing light restoration.
Fate: Sold in July 2009 to a car enthusiast in Scotland
Unfortunately in 2013 while on the back of a Breakdown Truck, It was rear-ended by an Artic. A very unfortunate accident and no fault of the owner. It was classed as Cat "D" and subsequently, stripped for spares. === R-I-P KGK544D ===
Modifications: November 2008 - Now restored, MOTd and cruising nicely
KGK 544D


♦ “Registered 5th April 1966 ( Number one at the time was The Walker Brothers the sun aint gonna shine anymore) Mileage on 28.7.12 = 79,615”
Submitted on 04/09/2017 15:09 by a visitor
♦ “Was once a DriveArchive Featured Vehicle”
Submitted on 27/02/2013 19:02 by Paul Crossley
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