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Registration Number: BBH 7K
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: GT6
Type: MkIII
Category: Sports Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1971
Owned From: 1980
Owned To: 1985
Colour(s): Saffron
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
Web Site:
Record Entered: 07/07/2002
Last Updated: 17/06/2022
Submitted by: Paul M Crossley
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Locale: Anglesey
First Joined: 01/07/2002
Vehicles Contributed: 16
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Notes: Bought from a man called Howard Hughes (no not that one) in Stoke. Ran for years, then dropped a valve and needed extensive work. Stripped out and refitted, rustproofed and rebuilt. Started first time and passed an MOT with no trouble. The overdrive top gear was a bit dodgy, and the difficulty of removing the gearbox through the inside of the car is the reason I have a bad back now.
Fate: Sold to a bloke in Stone, Staffs, who looked after it and took it to owner's club events. Hopefully, after the amount of rustproofing I did, the car lasted for years.

According to the RAC site this car changed hands on 28 July 2002... I'd love to know where it is now!

According to the DVLA it had an MOT till 2012, with 58k miles on the clock.
Modifications: I once painted shark teeth on the front valances, what was I thinking of?
Accolades: The car appears to still exist! It is recorded as the "People's Choice" winner in the Concours Results 2011 for the TSSC show held in Stafford, my home town.

And on Flickr there is a picture of a fabulous looking Dodge-Viper-look-alike with my reg... can it be?



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